LETTERS: Immigrant challenges; Immigrant challenges

Immigrant challenges

With the respect given to “The Jungle” by American journalist Upton Sinclair, there are a few issues and concerns communicated by the creator that reflect upon the injustices businesses or entrepreneurs still inflict upon minorities. It isn’t at all uncommon to discover illegal foreigner laborers working the low class jobs that many people avoid, considering them demeaning.

The article “The Observer” explains the cases of many working illegal immigrants. It describes a system in which workers are forced to stay quiet about the injustices and discrimination they face, or run the risk of being fired from jobs they need in order to maintain themselves and their families. It is extremely upsetting to continue hearing more and more such situations that consistently keep recurring to vulnerable and naive people who are just trying to come to America to start a new life and provide their families with better opportunities for their future. The fact that most of these workers get paid less than the minimum wage, are overworked and have to stay quiet about it or risk being fired or even worse, deported, really does say something about the America we all live in today’s day and age.

There are many reasons why people stay quiet. For example, they are undocumented and fear being deported if they complain. They fear the law, as they live in illegal conditions.

Andrea Gonzalez

Valley View High School, Hidalgo

Immigrant challenges

Environmental issues are a major issue around the world right now. I believe people in the community should work on bettering the environment and have more environmental awareness.

Our biggest source of oxygen and our largest rainforest in the world, the Amazon rainforest, was recently on fire and caused huge problems to our planet. Some 906,000 acres of the Brazilian Amazon rainforest burned.

Research shows that as fires rage across the rainforest, glaciers that are located 5,000 miles above sea level in the Andes mountains are melting. If this continues it could lead to millions of people being in a drought and water shortage.

People need to understand that global warming is real and is happening right now. Greenland is losing ice seven times faster than in the ’90s. How the community can help with the environment is by having public voluntary events in which people from the city can help clean.

People should refrain themselves from littering too. All that waste can wind up in the ocean, and it greatly affects the animals there.

Pollution is a serious issue for marine animals. Thousands of animals are killed when they ingest or are caught in plastic waste. Although metal straws are a better option than regular plastic straws, people need to know that there are other ways to help the environment. Plastic straws make up only 4% of the plastic waste in general.

Cigarettes are one of the most common sources of plastic waste to date. Cigarette butts contain tiny plastic fibers. Drink bottles, bottle caps, food wrappers, grocery bags, drink lids, straws and stirrers were the next most common items.

To get to the point, the community being more environmentally involved can stop the rate of the world ending faster than it was supposed to.

Chloe Ruiz

San Juan

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