LETTERS: Defending Democrats; Both parties ignore laws

Defending Democrats

This is in reference to Imelda Coronado’s referring to the leftist Democrats as perpetrators of rampant abuse of power and asking why they are above the law (Jan. 10).

Coronado’s comments are more political views rather than substantiated facts that support the abuse of power.

These are Coronado’s statements of abuse of power:

• Leftist Democrats are eroding the rights of the First and Second amendments.

Not true: Constitutional amendments cannot be changed or eroded by any political party.

• Democrats advocate illegal immigration.

Not true. Democrats do not advocate illegal immigration. Rather, they defend the right of the legal or illegal immigrant to have access to the due process of law.

• Democrats advocate sanctuary cities to harbor criminals and illegal immigration.

Not true. The cities have the responsibility to enforce the criminal laws. The federal government has the responsibility to enforce immigration laws.

• The Democrats control and weaponize the mainstream media.

Not true. The freedom of the mainstream media to speak freely is not controlled by the Democrats; they are fully protected by the First Amendment rights. They share political views with their audience, just as Fox News does with its own audience.

• Democrats denied the president the equal protection of the law, in accusing, judging and convicting him with no conclusive evidence.

Not true. As part of the impeachment process, a bipartisan committee listened to evidence of wrongdoing from sources who presented testimony under oath that was legally binding. There was no accusing, judging or conviction, and no denial of the due process of law.

The president chose to not testify or allow his staff to present witness testimony. He ignored the legally binding subpoenas for information. He resorted to tweeting the American people to read an unofficial transcript. Instead, he should have presented the accurate copy that actually revealed what transpired in his conversation with the Ukrainian president.

The information, gathered by the committee, supported the vote for impeachment for abuse of power and obstruction of justice. This information was presented to the Senate to continue the due process with a trial.

It was hoped that the president would be willing to personally testify before a Republican majority controlled Senate. The choice was his, to show the American people that he had nothing to hide.

As for Coronado, she is fully protected by the First Amendment rights to criticize the Democrats for what she views as abuse of power. And the Democrats have the right and responsibility to investigate the actions of the president in order to secure for the American people a transparent government that reveals any wrongdoings.

Elia Franz


Both parties ignore laws

I’m not a affiliated with any party. I wonder why everybody complains about this party or that party. They are both guilty of obstruction of due process. Look it up. Get off the high horse.

K.W. Danson


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