COMMENTARY: Deception now a part of politics in America

America has deteriorated into a nation governed through speculation, assumption, conjecture, conspiracy theories and outright lies, through the art of deception.

We have become a nation of schmucks, imbeciles and fools. We are laughed at, ridiculed and even pitied by our allies. And our own history mocks and scorns the vulgarity and crudeness of our ascent into the void of the irrelevancy and deviancy of Third World regimen and acquiescence.

The eloquence of speech and the certitude and confidence of character and honor that was the hallmark of the office of the presidency has now been displaced by incoherence, baseness and a malice never before displayed in the office that is supposed to represent the best and the noblest of us.

When once we relished our greatness and our nobility, we now hang our heads down in shame and embarrassment at the words and actions of the man who is supposed to inspire and motivate not only us, but the world. The character of our nation and of ourselves is being dismantled, piece by piece. And meanwhile the schmucks, imbeciles and fools who are protecting and enabling the butchering of our institutions and our Constitution continue to blindly and thoughtlessly advance the hate, the division and the lies. I keep asking myself how an uninformed, unqualified and illiterate fraudster, hustler and grifter could have hoodwinked and conned a nation into believing the opposite of everything that America once stood for — honor, integrity, truth and loyalty. And the only answer I can come up with is “deception.”

We are now a nation built on lies, speculation, assumptions, conspiracy theories, bullying and renting out our military to the highest bidder.

When once we heard words of wisdom and insight coming from the Oval Office, we now hear irrational rumblings prefaced with “I’ve heard” or “I believe” — followed by made-up fantasies or outright lies. This is the new reality of our existence: to build a platform of lies to support the absurd, the illogical, the baseless.

Children and young people are now learning that lies and deceit, if done and said consistently, can become the accepted alternative to what was once the truth and the reality. We are all learning that lies, deceit, greed and disloyalty are good and acceptable in the new American society. The new reality is that the once-American concepts of honor, integrity, truth and loyalty are for losers. And America is a winner — at whatever cost.

For me, give me honor, integrity, truth and loyalty. Maybe it’s just because I’m too old to learn new tricks, or too tired to learn a new way of living without respect, without dignity and without the legacy of our once great and proud America.

I am my father’s son. Proud to be an American. Proud to have served when called. And proud to stand up against the lunacy and madness that have infected the minds and hearts of desperate and reckless people searching for meaning and for purpose in all the wrong places.

One finds solace and meaning in one’s own mind and soul. Not in the disquieting and unsettling minds of others who may practice the art of deception with guile and agility.

Al Garcia lives in Palm Valley.