LETTERS: Immigrants need better treatment; Little time left to save planet

Immigrants need better treatment

An issue that has been faced locally in the Rio Grande Valley is the mistreatment of immigrants in local migrant detention camps.

These immigrants who have tried to seek asylum in the United States are relocated to these camps, and many of these foreigners face inhumane conditions during their stay.

These conditions consist of living quarters known as “pods” that look like literal dog cages, blankets that appear to be made of aluminum foil, bags of shampoo meant to serve as a body wash, and sometimes they have no mattresses. The mistreatment and neglect is so intense to the point where some people have come forward and admitted to drinking toilet water in a desperate thirst.

Just recently, a teenage boy by the name of Carlos Vasquez died in the care of Border Patrol agents at the age of 16. He was held in quarantine, for he posed a risk to others because he had the flu. In this isolation, his multiple attempts to garner the authorities’ medical attention were ignored, and ultimately he died due to lack of medical attention. This incident happened in Weslaco, our own backyard.

Not being an American doesn’t excuse the fact that he required medical attention and didn’t get it. This young man was left to die in a cell, all alone in an unfamiliar location.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time this “tragedy” has happened; this is something all too common in the United States. If nothing is done to prevent this, the vicious cycle will continue to repeat itself. It is up to us, the people, to make a change.

Amber Garza


Little time left to save planet

According to research, humanity has only 18 months to save the planet from global warming, and we only have a short amount of time to reduce the amount of carbon being released into the atmosphere.

There once was a time when we had 12 years to fix global warming; however, we humans have taken advantage of the beautiful planet we call home and turned it into a big landfill full of trash. Those 12 years gradually decreased to five years and over one year we managed to lower it to a year and a half.

Once it is too late, the earth will be beyond irreplaceable, and we will no longer be able to call it home.

Global warming has been a huge problem, but as time passes it is only getting worse and no one is doing anything to help. Pollution around the city has only gotten worse, people litter everywhere, vehicles emit nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide.

As global warming increases, the heat will keep gradually increasing, affecting many climates, habitats and animals.

Vehicles are one of the biggest factors leading up to this situation that can affect our community. They cause pollution, which is released into the air, making the atmosphere get more contaminated.

The earth’s global warming will affect the climate; for example, this city tends to flood after it rains. This will only continue if we don’t take this problem into our own hands and take it step by step to make sure our home is saved from being beyond irreplaceable.

Keila Villarreal


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