Lawn care app launches in McAllen

Lawn care for McAllen land owners just became easier.

GreenPal, a service that has been called “the Uber for lawn care,” connects homeowners with local, vetted contractors and is now available for local residents.

The Nashville-based business allows homeowners and lawn care professionals to keep profiles through their app or through their website,

Through their platforms, residents can list their lawn care needs –– grass cutting, garden work, landscaping and snow removal. Then, the company matches those homeowners to local, pre-screened lawn care professionals.

“Homeowners can see vendor ratings, pictures of previous work, reviews, reliability ratings and all that stuff,” said Gene Caballero, the co-founder of GreenPal. “We try to provide the homeowners with as much information as possible to help them decide who they want to work with.”

“What we want to be, is the default place where people go for all kinds of outdoor home services.”

Online or through the app, land owners who need lawn service post the address of the property they want maintained and the date they want it done. Contractors who have been approved by the company then bid for the job. Homeowners can then see all of the ratings, pictures of previous work and reviews of bidding professionals to decide which one to hire.

When the job is finished, the landscaper takes a time-stamped photo of their work and sends it to the homeowners through the app. Payment is also transacted through the app, and GreenPal takes 5% of each gig.

“We just want to be everything and anything to homeowners, for anything outside of the home,” Caballero said.

Since its launch in 2012, GreenPal has expanded business to 46 states, connecting landowners to lawn care professionals in more than 200 cities, including Dallas, Austin, San Antonio and Laredo.

A screenshot of the GreenPal application. (Courtesy photo)

There are over 15,000 GreenPal vendors across the U.S., each one meeting the company’s standards: have a valid social security number, bank account, own commercial-grade equipment, be over 18 years old and provide pictures of previous work and a reference.

“We aim to be in all 50 states some day and just hope to continue to grow and make lawn care as easy as possible for anyone who needs it,” said Caballero, whose idea for GreenPal stemmed from the rise of other service apps.

“I had a job in tech sales and saw that new technologies were coming out. I knew that Uber and Lyft and AirBnb were gaining traction, and if someone was going to ask a stranger to pick them up, they would do the same with lawn care.”