Lacks Furniture Galleria celebrates updates, new collaboration

Lacks celebrated the remodeling of their store on Expressway 83 in McAllen with a ribbon cutting ceremony on Thursday. Monitor photo

McALLEN — Lacks Furniture Galleria on Expressway 83 in McAllen commemorated updates to the building’s entryway and a new collaboration between itself and home accent manufacturer Harp & Finial with a ribbon cutting and breakfast Thursday morning.

Lacks Chief Marketing Officer Seth Aaronson, whose great-grandfather founded the business in the 1930s, spoke at the event.

According to Aaronson, his grandparents and father built the location on Expressway 83 in 1994.

“Their vision for this store was for it to be the biggest and best looking furniture store in all of Texas,” he said.

Aaronson said the new collaboration would help the store stay true to that goal.

“Harp & Finial’s been one of those partners that’s helping us redefine how we present ourselves in our stores,” he said. “We’ve painted the entryway, we’ve redone the lighting and kind of redid the way we present the product. It’s kind of to try and show the market we’re trying to get back to being the best looking store in the Valley again.”

McAllen Mayor Jim Darling also spoke at the event.

“Congratulations, it really is a fantastic place. We’re so happy you do it in McAllen,” he said. “We want to wish you the best in the future and the best success. I think this is a great, great step forward in reestablishing this as the flagship store for furniture in our area.”

Cynthia Sakulenzki with the RGV Hispanic Chamber of Commerce complimented the new additions to the store at the ribbon cutting.

“You all have brought just a totally, totally different and modern approach to the whole area,” she said. “Giving the Valley the opportunity to look at these new, modern things, again, brings the Valley up to a different level, brings it up to the rest of the United States. And Lacks, we’re very, very proud of Lacks; y’all are growing just like the rest of the Rio Grande Valley’s growing, and we are a definite gold mine here in the Rio Grande Valley.”

Blanca Cardenas with McAllen Chamber of Commerce also spoke at the event.

“It brings a lot of success to a business when you’re very involved and you contribute, and you’re a prime example of what a successful business is. We thank you, we thank you for investing in the chamber, we thank you for investing in the community and we wish you the best success,” she said.