LETTERS: Immigrants need our help; No waste of time; Separation is a choice

Immigrants need our help

I had a discussion in my college class and the question was brought up about how new politics have brought cruelty to our fellow immigrants who have moved to our society. The problem with this is that our fellow families experience issues like racism and cruelty.

As time has passed lately I’ve noticed that since the campaign 2014 campaign of Donald Trump Americans have been fooled and told that immigrants are just a disturbance of space to our community; however, we all know that in Pharr, the immigrants are the ones who do the dirty work so the Americans don’t have to worry for the work.

I personally have witnessed cruelty on occasion. There are severe occasions like applying for a job, shopping and even while sitting down.

In continuing, people around these towns have been treating each other badly lately. If we’d wait to think, we are all we have. It is sad to see that our own people join Americans’ thought in order to succeed while in reality rights and positivity should be normal in people.

I’d like you to think it through and help out the community by making clubs and social works in order to create a much more stable community, and help those people who economically can’t live, and don’t get the help they need from their government.

Christopher De La Torre


No waste of time

I read with incredulity the letter from Mr. Bill Rouillier (Dec. 19), who believes that the Democrats’ investigation into the president’s involvement with Russia, his blatant racism and his clumsy attempt to bribe Ukraine are “a waste of time.”

Amazing! Since when, Mr. Rouillier, is fulfilling their constitutionally mandated responsibilities a “waste of time”? Do you not believe in the Constitution, sir?

People who fail to speak up when they observe boorish, graceless and, most certainly, dishonest behavior may enjoy some temporary small comfort in not having to stand up for principle when required, but it is inconsistent with the history and spirit of America.

What hero of this country can you name who committed himself to a life of ease rather than facing the unpleasant and the difficult?

Mike Egan


Separation is a choice

“Separation of families” is an individual decision consciously made by foreign adult parents by coming here illegally with their children to America, a duly independent, sovereign government, with its own defined borders and constitutional immigration laws.

These illegal immigrants can’t expect to come and break America’s immigration laws at will, without “separation of families” consequences. To expect no consequences against them is a petulant, seditious and arrogant abuse against our country’s sovereignty.

If they don’t like the separation of their families, they should make these same forceful demands on their own governments against violence, without dumping their problems on America, who owes first responsibility to its own citizens.

Imelda Coronado


Editor’s note: Those who seek asylum and refugee status are following protocol established by U.S. and international law. They are not doing anything illegal.

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