Officials mum on La Grulla mayor’s police report against DA

La Grulla Mayor Pedro Flores filed a police report against Starr County District Attorney Omar Escobar, though no details have been made available.

La Grulla Police Chief Desi Olivarez said the matter was under investigation and forwarded to the Starr County Special Crimes Unit.

The unit, however, would not confirm or deny the existence of the report.

La Grulla City Commissioner Patricia Solis said she was not aware of the report but said the commander of the Special Crimes Unit, Robert Caples, was at the city offices last Tuesday.

“I don’t know what the purpose of his visit was there at the city but this was on Tuesday,” she said. “I did talk to the police chief and he did say that Mr. Caples, the investigator was there and he was doing an investigation, but it had nothing to do with the city.”

Flores said he did not have any comment.

Escobar said if there was a police report filed against him, it was likely related to his recent criticisms of the city in recent weeks over for how much the city pays to City Attorney Rene P. Montalvo.

“I have been critical of some of the politicians in La Grulla, that’s for sure,” Escobar said. “And I have been openly critical of that.”

Montalvo, who has been the city attorney for La Grulla for over 13 years, was also hired by the Rio Grande City school district in October by a split vote of the board trustees.

Escobar is in the midst of a fierce re-election campaign against Rio Grande City-based attorney, Gocha Ramirez. They are both running in the March Democratic primary for 229th District Attorney, overseeing the Starr, Duval and Jim Hogg counties.

This incident, Escobar said, could be chalked up to politics as these types of things tend to come up as Election Day approaches.

“These are the types of things that we’ve come to expect during election time,” he said.