LETTERS: Work abuse still occurs; Donald is deplorable

Work abuse still occurs

With respect to the novel “The Jungle” by American journalist Upton Sinclair, there are several issues and concerns expressed by the author that reflect upon the modern-day injustices still practiced by business or business owners toward minorities. It is not at all rare to find illegal immigrants working the low-class jobs that most people would rather stay away from because they are deemed as “embarrassing” in a way.

Travis Putnam Hill discusses similar circumstances in his article titled “Big employers no strangers to benefits of cheap, illegal labor” in the Texas Tribune. Similar to how Sinclair wrote in his novel about workers being taken advantage of, Hill expresses many immigrants’ need to have a job, which leads to a “don’t ask, don’t tell” system. Hill refers to a type of system in which workers are forced to stay quiet about the injustices and discrimination they face; otherwise they run the risk of being fired from a job they really need in order to probably not only maintain themselves but their families as well.

It is extremely upsetting to continue hearing more and more similar situations that consistently keep recurring to vulnerable and naive people who are just trying to come to America to start a new life and provide their families with better opportunities for their future. The fact that most of these workers get paid less than the minimum wage, are overworked and have to stay quiet about it or risk being fired — or even worse, deported — really does say something about the America we all live in, in today’s day and age.

Roman Garza

Valley View High School, McAllen

Donald is deplorable

Editor: Deplorable Donald Trump Is a self-pitiful disgrace Two articles of impeachment Right in Trump’s angry orange face!

Traitor Trump always blames His crackpot crimes on anyone else.

Everyone gets thrown under the bus Other than Donald Trump himself.

Who needs patriotic whistleblowers When Trump freely admits his guilt?

King Donald the First is above the law!

(Or so says corrupt Moscow Mitch.)

Trump says he’ll do whatever he wants.

So stay away from 5th Avenue, Unless you’re looking to get shot.

Trump’s taxpayer-funded attorneys Actually argued this in a court of law.

Trump thinks he can shoot you, y’all!

The 25th Amendment Should have been used long ago.

Republicans fell down on the job, So Democrats picked up the load.

After Trump’s out, send him to Club Fed.

Unlike Jeffrey Epstein, Bill Barr will Prevent Trump from ending up dead.

Moscow Mitch McConnell put in the fix Instead of having a real Senate trial.

Let those senators earn their pay by Listening to fact witnesses for awhile.

Demented Donald Trump is 100% guilty.

If your eyes are open, this you can see.

Convict, remove and imprison This racist Russian stooge ASAP.

Get rid of Putin’s puppet Benedict Donald Before it is too late.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, United States!

Jake Pickering

Arcata, Calif.

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