LETTERS: Pollution problems

Pollution problems

Within the past decade, pollution has become a more significant problem all around the world. Pollution affects us humans in many different ways, starting with the fact that it contaminates the air we breathe and the water we drink.

Air pollution is a main concern of the recent civilized world; it has an extreme toxicological effect on human health and the environment. It has a number of specific emission sources, but motor vehicles and industrial methods contribute to the major part of air pollutants.

It has actually been proven that at least 75% percent of all the air pollution that is in this planet comes from vehicles.

In the city that I live in, there is a whole lot of pollution in the air and it is damaging to me and it makes it hard to breathe sometimes.

This air pollution problem can turn into an even bigger problem and a more powerful one and end up being deadly. In fact, there is an estimate of 7 million people in the whole world who die each year because of pollution. That is roughly 5% of the whole world’s population that is highly affected by this world conflict. As a matter of fact, the United States is considered the nation that is the biggest polluter worldwide.

If we humans keep putting this problem aside and do not do anything about this, pollution can eventually take over and destroy our planet.

Renata Costilla


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