LETTERS: Sad times for USA; Terrorist parole process is faulty; New HIV drug spurs comment

Sad times for USA

We live in a world where anything goes — lifestyle, politics! Embracing dictators, weakening governmental rules and regulations, separating kids from their parents, rallies with cussing and demeaning rhetoric, character assassination on people who are despised.

Three years of the Trump administration has felt to me like 300 years!

President Donald Trump has been impeached by the House of Representatives!

These are very sad times for our country!

Mary Martinez


Terrorist parole process is faulty

A recent published letter on the London Bridge attack states the terrorist was released from prison “on license,” which means he met certain requirements or will face recall to prison. I don’t think that is a very smart thing to do when dealing with a terrorist who can do very bad things.

There is a better way around this problem. Being labeled a terrorist with a history of wanting to do bad things, I don’t think being on licensed should be an option. A solution to this never happening again is to strip their passport, to prevent them from entering the country. Make them do time and send them back to their homeland so they aren’t a problem to the country or society. Instead he is dead and caused a problem.

This attack dealing with a former inmate on parole is an example of the need to up the game and think of the government and the jail laws. Because what could’ve been easily avoided turned into another terrorist attack, which left two dead and others hurt and cost him his life.

Tell me was it worth releasing a terrorist who had bad things in mind to the public of your country, just for him to kill innocent lives who could’ve still been here if the law of “on license” was not allowed for a terrorist.

I ask the government and law to look over how they use “on license” in cases and criminals. I surely believe it’ll help prevent tragedies like this.

Matthew Garza


New HIV drug spurs comment

In the world we live in today there is a lot of difficulty involving the health of Third World countries like Africa. Mentioned on The New York Times by Donald G. McNeil Jr., “The new drug, called Quadrimune, could save the lives of thousands of children or toddlers who have AIDS each year.”

My concern is that the problem is not on the children, it’s the environment the African people live in.

In my opinion, it’s good that they are coming up with more childrenfriendly drugs to help them out, but so-called experts must find better ways to improve the health of the environment that would lead to healthier lives, free of most of the diseases that are transmitted to the people. In other words, if you neutralize the harmful bacteria that surround the people living in Africa, the result will most likely reduce diseases like AIDS or HIV among the African people.

Another concern regarding this type of new drug that wasn’t mentioned in the article is the side effects it causes in infants or children. Are they the same as the previous drug the African people would use or different, due to what I’m certain are different added substances to make the drug child-friendly. Whatever additives the researchers put in the new drug should be tested for at least a year to see the long-term effects.

This new drug for treating infants or children with AIDS or HIV is a good way to help them out, but it’s not the right answer to the problem.

Jesus Chavana

Los Ebanos

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