LETTERS: STRIDES featured in display at Capitol; State needs term limits

STRIDES featured in display at Capitol

The holidays are upon us and the Texas House of Representatives recently unveiled the beautiful 26 foot tall Christmas tree in the House Chamber of the Texas Capitol.

A tradition we have in the Texas House is decorating this tree with ornaments from across our great state. Every year, the speaker of the House invites every member of the House of Representatives to create a Christmas ornament that exemplifies something special about their district that is unique. The ornaments are hung on the Christmas tree for the thousands of visitors to see during the holidays. The Capitol can boast more than 20,000 guests from all over the world throughout the month of December, and all will be able to see the beautiful tree with the ornaments on full display.

For this year’s ornament, I chose to showcase McAllen ISD’s STRIDES program for the House District 41 ornament. “Supported Transition and Road to Independence: Development and Employment for Students” is a program that focuses on teaching students with disabilities daily living skills, community experiences and job training with the goal that these students can go on to enter the work force as adults.

Nestled on the Achieve Early College High School Campus in McAllen, the STRIDES program has several classrooms. The program’s goal is to help these young adults learn valuable life skills so they can integrate themselves into society and lead fulfilling lives.

This is something near and dear to my heart. I have been involved with our local community and families of those with developmental disabilities.

This is one of the reasons I filed House Bill 3932 this past session, creating a higher education advisory council. I worked with my colleagues in the House and the Senate to pass this legislation that directs the Higher Education Coordinating Board to study barriers and increase access to higher education opportunities for students with intellectual and developmental disabilities. I believe that all young people should have every opportunity to live fulfilling lives.

This year’s ornament was designed by the students and administrators at STRIDES. It features the program logo and founding date and is filled with “snow,” something we don’t see too often here in South Texas. I was very excited to meet these young adults and see all that they are accomplishing. Please join me in congratulating the students and administrators of STRIDES for making these opportunities available to these talented kids.

State Rep. R.D. “Bobby” Guerra 


State needs term limits

Texas is No. 1 in the nation in number of uninsured people; 82.2% are insured in the state. Even with all the large corporations coming into the state and having health plans for their employees!

This is a despicable number for the politicians to live with. How can they go home to their families at night with so many suffering or dying?

We really need term limits here in the state as well as the nation, because those people seem to be immune to what is going on in the state.

Texas has a $49 billion debt load and most people haven’t a clue.

Bill Williams


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