LETTERS: Trump isn’t so innocent; Drug prices must be cut; Contributions are forgotten; Socialism to communism

Trump isn’t so innocent

Mr. Jake Longoria claims nothing has ever been found on President Trump or his children (letters, Dec. 4), Then why was the foundation that Mr. Trump founded fined for misusing the fund for his presidential campaign that was collected through donations for veterans?

Don’t glorify Mr. Trump as innocent as he claims on TV. If he had nothing to hide, then why order people in his Cabinet to not answer any questions before Congress?

Jesus Rodriguez


Drug prices must be cut

It is imperative that our representatives in Washington, D.C. vote on lowering prescriptive drugs prices. As a hardworking American I feel that the pharmaceuticals are earning great profits at our expense.

Many Americans are going to Mexico and Canada to purchase at much lower prices their American manufactured medications. What a shame. It is my most sincere hope that our elected representatives can stop this from continuing.

Mr. Michael Garcia


Contributions are forgotten

Well, finally! The Democrats finally impeached that mean, old, nasty President Trump. They are frantically trying to help the U.S. population crawl out from under the horrible circumstances he and his administration have created and that we, as citizens, have to endure.

You know, things like a booming and expanding economy, lowest unemployment rates for all ethnic and gender groups in decades, tax cuts so we have more money in our pockets, lifting of government regulations on businesses, and many other terrible things he promised to do during his presidential campaign.

Wow! A candidate actually following through on what he promised. Wonders never cease.

Seriously, people seem to hate him for his candor and the way he will not back down when attacked. The Democratic Party and the majority of the mainstream media have done absolutely nothing but criticize everything he says and does. Their main objective seems to be to get rid of him and they do not like the fact that he does not lie down and play dead for them.

This one-sided impeachment ploy, which our local representatives support, is just one more of numerous attempts to remove him from office and destroy his presidency.

I just read an article about UTRGV receiving grants for rural economic aid and research. Part of this aid was for small business development. Our two local representatives had their names attached to the UTRGV article, but I don’t think they created the policies making the money available. President Trump’s economic policies probably did, but as usual, he gets no credit for it including from our local politicians or the media.

People tend to forget the lack of economic growth under the previous administration but many seem to want to return to it. Sad.

Melvin L. Thompson


Socialism to communism

Socialist-infatuated leftists, along with the anti-government, complicit media, project prosocialism propaganda as something normal. As Americans accustomed to treasured freedoms, oftentimes freedom is taken for granted, without a vague idea that flirtation with socialism could easily explode into disastrous irreversible communism.

Communism always brings famine and death; that’s why it’s always failed. Most importantly, socialism is just a prelude to fullfledged Communism. That’s always the socialists’ goal.

Imelda Coronado


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