LETTERS: Helping others benefits many

Helping others benefits many

With respect to the Nov. 29 article about a McAllen program that delivered 400 meals on Thanksgiving Day, the purpose of such an act is beneficial to the community as a whole. The positivity being spread helps lead others to support those who need it and enjoy a special day with a good act of service.

By serving the ones in need you inspire the community to aid and participate in positive deeds.

There are many individuals who are unable to afford a good meal or visit their family members on this special day. Offering a plate of food is an ethical action that is taken by those who are righteous and desire to help the community.

By inspiring others, we can have an increase of people helping to reach more homes in need.

As human beings we are also rewarded when participating in an act of kindness. Individuals who help deliver meals on Thanksgiving feel grateful for their lives and so do the ones who receive the tender act. By serving a plate of food and sharing smiles with others you are achieving your own happiness.

The self-esteem of the participants grows as they contemplate the positive effects of their actions.

The outcome of delivering the food to others will result productive for both sides, the ones giving and the ones receiving.

Our community is filled with a great number of individuals who are capable of bringing happiness to various homes. Delivering meals to families is a way to demonstrate our sympathy for others.

Grecia Ruiz


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