LETTERS: Migrants deserve better treatment; Black Friday difficulties; Trump moniker deemed offensive

Migrants deserve better treatment

I am writing in regard to your article “Asylum seeker challenges removal,” published Nov. 24.

Honduras has been at the top of news headlines recently and many wonder why without knowing that it is a country in crisis at the moment. The government has crashed, people are rioting, the poverty rate is decreasing more and more each year. The same police officers who should be stopping this or at least putting people at ease are wreaking havoc on the nation and using excessive force, killing multiple Hondurans in the past couple of months.

So it’s no shock that many Honduran natives are seeking asylum in the U.S. The young 23-year-old who’s mentioned in the article ran from her country and came here in hopes of receiving the help she needs. Although she took the correct route and came to the U.S. through a port of entry she was still denied entry, thrown into Mexico and now she’s fighting for her right to be given a chance.

I believe there should be more rights that go to citizens who come here with the right intentions, who come here in hopes of creating a future for themselves that is better than the one they come from.

Many times we hear of these camps where immigrants are kept and it sounds like something out of a horror movie. There should be more rights put in place for them and there should be more ways they can get the freedom they so desperately are seeking.

President Trump recently signed an order that said if any asylum seeker tried coming into the U.S. without being granted asylum from the “third country” they arrived here from, then they have already ruined their chances of stepping foot on U.S. soil.

I don’t believe that asylum seekers should struggle so much when seeking asylum in this country; there should be rights for them that are respected and they shouldn’t be treated as if they are an issue, because many people come here with hopes of becoming something.

Crystal Torres


Black Friday difficulties

I went to one store to get an item on Black Friday, only to be told that since it had a yellow tag, I could not use my coupon — no sale. I went to a different store for a different item only to be told that the fine print of a different coupon said the coupon had to be used on Dec. 1 — no sale.

I went to a third store for yet another item and was told the coupon was good from only 11-3 and since it was 10, I couldn’t use it. I asked to see the manager, explained to him I would like to buy the item but did not want to wait until 11. No, the computer was set up to use the coupon at 11. (Now I have seen cashiers at this store redeem coupons that were from competitors by manipulating the cash register).

I told him that I was a buyer here and now and he could either sell me the item or lose the sale. He said I was trying to “strong arm” him. No sale.

In my younger days I was in the service industry and we empowered our employees to do what was necessary to meet or exceed the customer’s needs as long as it was reasonable. I drove from northeast of Edinburg to these stores in McAllen, one of which was beyond I-2. Do you think I will be visiting any of them any time soon, if ever?

Now I see why more and more people are shopping online.

Gerard Pahl


Trump moniker deemed offensive

As a Christian, I strongly disagree with the Republicans declaring Donald Trump the chosen one! From my studies of the bible and my faith in Jesus Christ as my savior, Trump does not qualify to even be called a Christian. Period!

Bill Williams


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