Roma Independent School District partnered with The Monitor’s Festiva magazine to present Letters to Santa. The letters have been reprinted as they were received.

Third-graders at Roma ISD’s Delia G. Garcia Elementary School

Dear Santa,
I would like more water and funnyness for the world. I would like some toys, a xbox one, some game cards, and more thanks for Christmas for when people open their presents they get happy for what Santa gave them for Christmas, and for it to be less cold on Christmas Day, to play outside to have fun with their toys they got for Christmas, and so when they open the present they laugh. I would also want a new gaming chair, a new pc, and scuf gaming controller for my xbox, and a keyboard and mouse, and fortnite christmas tree.
Juan A. Sandoval

Dear Santa,
The earth is in danger the earth is dying so I would please love you to help the earth and other things. I would also tell you that I would love it for you to help our world help homles people, animals, and more things in this would and suport us. It is also very inportent that you know all I want for Christmas is you to help our world to survie and be strong. Help cancer fight to stay alive. Christmas is about giving gifts not recive gifts. Let’s suprtt cancer let’s suport earth animals like coalas are dying kids with cancer are sick they need help. People need to help earth people need to stop litering help us and the poor help people to surieve. Be thankful of what you have and love, care, and suport your family. If your grandparents died it si ok if you cry for them you should always know love and suport them they are always by your side. So santa that what I want for Christmas and thank you.
Mylet Rodriguez

Dear Santa,
I wanted dog this year and that’s it, I was good I help my mom clean this house. I wish that people are nice every to the homeless people. I very wish that people can help the homeless pepole, to give them food and clothing and water and a home to live in, and I wish that everyone was happy not sad. Sometimes people are mean to the homeless people. People are not very nice to the homeless people they always mean to the homeless people. I very wanted new clothing because I kinda to have some. I wish that people can gave homeless people theire old stuff that they dont wear like old clothign or water or food or a old home that they dont live in anymore or old toys for homeless kids that are bored or a sweater to wear to keep them warm the cold or warm pants to keep them warm too or warm hat that keep there head warm from the cold.
Amelia Alvarez

Dear Santa,
For Christmas I want a peaceful world, and gifts. Why? I said a “peaceful world” because people are poulluing, shooting, and killing people.
Anyway for Christmas I want a Mathbook pro, LOL O.M.G. Big sisters, air pods, LOL’s, and scruf a luvs.
I want a peacful world because in Mexico people are shooting, killing people, and making that state
All this year I’ve been a good girl. I’ve been doing my chores, washing dises, wash my shirts and pant’s, and helping my mom.
So thats what I want for christmas. I want poor, hunger, and poulling to stop. Bye, and have a nice christmas!
Love, Fatima Gonzalez
Happy Holidays!

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Dear Santa,
This year I have bein a good girl this year. Santa for Chrismats I what a PS4 for Chrismats and a Nideno Swith and more things that will help the poor. Santa for Chrismats I what you to help the poor people for you and me to see a good look on there faces. Santa I what you to make the poor people happy and I also what you to give people things that they what in the future. Santa can you also make famils and kids happy by helping them feel better and happier. Santa some people don’t have money in there life so what I what you to do is to help those people or kids make them feel better.
Love Emmyleth

Dear Santa,
I want a puppy for Cristmas. I want art stuff for cristmas. I want to get some stoff for the sick people. And give the pore people to have some money. And we want to help the peopel from canser and sickness and prenes. And I want a slowth. And I want some cloths and pantes and shoes for all the sick people and the pore people and the canser people. I want to have a present for my parents and my family and my cusens and my mom and my dad. And I want to have the people who are sicks, pore and the canser. And I want to have my presents too. And I want to have some toys and clots and pants and shoes. And I want to have a lot of clhoths and pants and shoes for the sick people. And I want to have a laptop. And I want to have a IPhone 11 pro ma for cristmas. And I want to have a bike to a bikes for christmas. And I want to have a coloring table. And I want to have a little toy for my sister and baby sister for cristmas.
Danelly Hinojosa

Dear Santa,
I have been behaving good this year. I’ve been listening to my parents and what I want is more fresh water cause theres about 2% of fresh water, and I want happiness a nerf gun, and more food, and a new scuf controller for my ps4 cause mine broke like in a month, and a robux for roblox, and a ps pro, and cool clothes, I want a blue hoodie, and a game of life the board game.
I want a little big planet stuffed toy,a nd roblox stuffed toy, and nerf gun bullets for my nerf gun, I don’t anymore storms and natural storms. And I wish to see rudolph and God and Jesus cause I love them, and I also want a fast hot wheel car, and I don’t want for roblox to get shutdown cause I like playing roblox everyday it’s so fun.
I also want another bike for me and my sister. I want a 3 feet deep pool and 14 feet wide. I also don’t want anymore alerts and kidnaps anymore and no more wars and planes dropping nuclear bombs.
Anthony Alaniz

Dear Santa,
I bin good this year for me I am not asking for stuf this year I will like If you would please want you to please give homelise people a home and people that do not have food please give them some food and peope that wihe for a puppe or a dog pleas give them one or two I rile do not mind and do not fergit a saket cus It Is so cold outside a ne water for the food I reli would like to see my whole family happy for the people that do not have eneything and all thanks to you those people now they do and thats wut maders thank you for every thing and thank you for crismas It’s a happy new year thes is Clarissa taking to you Santa Cluse.
Clarissa Garza

Dear Santa,
I want to help people that are sick. This Christmas
I want a vr and I would protect Christmas from horrible things like the grinch ruining Christmas like taking our presents and the Christmas tree. I would like to give you cookies and milk for you Santa Clause. I have behave good at DGG and at my house, I set up my Christmas tree with decorations and my start at the top of the Christmas tree for making it more beautiful for the Christmas tree. I made a Christmas dog outside and it’s made out of fas and there’s light inside of it. There’s lights from Christmas handing in my trailer. I help my dad and my mom putting the decorations in my trailer and my Christmas tree with sparkling star and the star has lights too and all of the parts of my house and my doors has candy cane decorations at my doors to get ready for Christmas and theres a Santa Clause head in the front door with the candy cane decoration I also do my homework when I get our of DGG too and do other stuff at DGG and also set up for Christmas at DGG.
Eriberto Coutino
December 13, 2019
From Eriberto Coutino to Santa Clause

Dear Santa,
I what a puppy. I what make up. I what a bike. I what 20 slime I what a house and car and 5 slime. I what bosat. I what to my mom and dad be happy for Ever because that are so angry. I din’t like what my mom and dad are mad I what rainbow shose. I what to have a baby in my toy house.

Dear Santa,
I would like to stop polution and save the amizons. animals are dying in amizon, fires animals like Koalas monky’s gorilas/apes, elefents people need to save the animals and stop poulution and wahtch what you throw away. And stop hunger help people whithout homes and surveve so one day they have a home and to have food stay ok during cold winter days. At least one mafen and one outlet and one blanket and home. Keep everyone in the world happy and I wish the world was perfect but their is meny things that are not perfect and we need love in this earth it is our home we live on in and we need to protect it and that means no poutition. In monterey students have to where masks wehen they go outside to the play ground because thair is to much polution we must take care of earth.
Love Idaly

Dear Santa,
I was good this year. For me i am not asking for alot of stofe this year. But i will like for you to give food and drinks for people that do not have every thing. And i want you to give stofe to people that need it. I want you to give to the people that do not have eneny clothes. Because it is cold for them because they do not have some wear to leave. And give to people that wish they had a place to leave or eat or drink. And i want my family to be happy for chrismase. And i want for me to be happy for chrismas, Because i do not want no one to be sad in chrismas, Because it si worry that some people or happy and some or not happy. Because every one sond be happy in chrismase. I want for every one to be happy,

Dear Santa,
I want to help the people that are sick. This christmas I would help the people that are sick and the one’s that don’t have money and the one’s that don’t have food. This christmas I want fortnite figures, a new baseball glove. I would like to give toys to the kids that don’t have toys so they can play and have fun. I would give them money so they can buy something to eat and drink. I would help the school and my teacher and the principal. I would make them happy if I gave them all the stuff that I said. At D.G.G. they set up the tree and in my house it is the same in my house I put up the tree, but one thing different in our house but one thing different in my house we put up stockings. My mom helps me put up the tree and my dad also. I do the stocking by myseld it is a little bit hard to do. I would want to get a race track, and hot hwells. I would want a toy of a nerf gun, and I want a dinasoar toy. I would help the people that are hungry and thirsty. I would help my friends and family not to get sick so I could take care of them. I would help the people that are cold and I would help the people that are poor
From: Michael Aiden

First-graders at Roma ISD’s Veterans Memorial Elementary School

Dear Santa,
for christas, I one a robot
Pedro Reyna

Dear Santa Claus,
this yaree I have been goot boy. I wish I get a toy car; a trane; and Pokmon cords
Love, Damian

Dear Santa,
I have behave in school I heyp mom and dad and I like to see you Santa I won 4 barbies frome JoJo Siwa.
Love, Odalys

Dear Santa Clawse,
I have bin good this yare … I have bin good by helping my frends when they don’t now what to do … for Christmas I want oyn of the LOLOmgs … a play mobeol prinses unakorn castal play set whith the unakorns and a made to moove Barbie.
Love, Rionnie Garza

Dear Santa,
I help frens. I am good. and I whant a camra blue. I lisen to my techar.
Love, Kamyla

Dear Santa Claus,
this year I have Binn Good gril. I wish I get a Dress and a cat. I wont toy puppyes for my sistrs.
Love, Angely

Dear Santa,
for Crismus I wud like bingrs and lols. I have behave in school. I heyp my mom and dad. I owes do my homewrke.
See you soon, Laritzza

Dear Santa,
Santa I wont a littearshet en I wont a Ifone 11. I wont a LOL.

Dear Santa Claus,
This year I’m good girl. I hope I get somethig for Chrismas. I want a Build a Bear a reindeer stuff anmile.
Love, Jaelen Ramirez