Suspect posing as staff member steals toys

SAN BENITO — A Christmas miracle is needed after a Grinch left Live Now Ministries without toys to give out to children.

Someone pretending to be a staff member stole the toys yesterday, the ministries said.

A collaboration with an organization had been made arranged to collect 300 presents for boys and girls that were scheduled to be given out this Friday.

However, according to Estella Tejada, Public Relations Director for the ministries, someone pretending to be a part of the ministries picked up the toys from the organization yesterday.

Only three people were authorized to pick them up but none of them had picked them up and they were told someone took the toys.

“They signed off and said they were a part of Live Now Ministries, but it was not someone from our staff,” Tejada said.

Coincidentally, 30 years ago the same incident occurred when Live Now Ministries was robbed of donations of toys and clothing they meant to give out for Christmas.

Two hundred Cameron Park families were expecting to receive clothing and toys but the house where donations were stored was broken into.

Now, history repeats itself.

“It is crazy how it happened in 1989 and now it is happening again,” Tejada said.

The whereabouts of the suspect is unknown, but according to Tejada the organization and authorities were looking to investigate.

“We are hoping we can get some new donations and be able to do our toy drive as promised,” Tejada said.

“Children were expecting to receive a toy Friday and we invite anyone to donate if possible,” she said.