LETTERS: Unsolved crimes garner comment; Actual goal: Communism

Unsolved crimes garner comment

The Nov. 17 article about the lack of progress in the investigations of the murders in Rio Grande City was excellent. It shows the ineptitude of local law enforcement and political leaders to firmly follow through on a situation that the public wants to resolve.

Finger pointing at other agencies is inexcusable. Particularly disappointing is the inaction of the Texas Rangers, who we count on to be above local intrigue.

If national attention from programs like 20/20 and Dateline were brought to bear, progress would be made. I suggest that this terrific article be sent to the networks, especially those with predominately Latino viewers.

Thomas Tavel


Actual goal: Communism

Socialist-infatuated leftists, along with the anti-government, complicit media, project prosocialism propaganda as something normal.

As Americans accustomed to treasured freedoms, oftentimes freedom is taken for granted, without a vague idea that flirtation with socialism could easily explode into disastrous irreversible communism.

Communism always brings famine and death; that’s why it’s always failed. Most importantly, Socialism is just a prelude to fullfledged communism. That’s always the socialists’ goal.

Imelda Coronado


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