Bond granted after being revoked for man in deadly crash case

EDINBURG — A man who pleaded guilty in connection with a deadly 2017 crash, who just last week was arrested on the eve of his sentencing hearing, has now been released on bond pending the results of another drug test.

During a brief hearing in the 92nd state District Court, the attorney for Andrew Isaiah Villarreal, O. Rene Flores, asked the court for a chance to have his client tested again after what he believes was a false-positive result last week during a hearing.

The state, represented by Andrew Almaguer, reiterated the failed drug test is what led to the bond revocation, and deferred to the court whether or not to grant the release.

The court ultimately granted Villarreal a chance to take another hair follicle test, and reinstated him on the $50,000 bond, warning him to be cautious during his release.

On Dec. 12, the 22-year-old San Juan man was set to be sentenced in connection with causing the death of Luis Servando De Leon in late 2017; but during the hearing prosecutors alleged Villarreal’s last drug test came back positive for cocaine — resulting in Villarreal’s arrest after the court revoked his bond.

Villarreal pleaded guilty in October to a charge of accident involving death for striking and killing 42-year-old De Leon on Sept. 25, 2017 in the 2000 block of North Raul Longoria Road in San Juan.

According to the probable cause affidavit for Villarreal’s arrest, a police officer traveling north in the 2000 block of North Raul Longoria Road at 12:12 a.m. noticed a vehicle go around an object in the roadway.

When the officer went to investigate, he discovered “the lifeless body of a male subject wearing blue jeans and an orange T-shirt facing down.”

De Leon had been riding a black and neon green bicycle, the document stated.

“Andrew told Officer he had collided with an unknown object on the road on the area of Raul Longoria Rd passing Sioux Road,” the document stated.

A passenger in his vehicle told authorities that they thought they may have hit a dog.

“Andrew indicated he had smoked marijuana and ingested a ‘school bus’ street name for Xanax earlier in the day,” the document stated.

This is Villarreal’s second violation of probation since his arrest in late 2017.

According to records, Villarreal had his bond revoked last year after he was arrested and charged with driving under the influence.

Several of De Leon’s family members were present for the hearing and voiced their displeasure with the court’s decision to let him out on a bond that was just revoked last Thursday.

Samuel Barrera, 32, De Leon’s younger brother, said he didn’t think it was fair that Villarreal gets to be home with his family during the holidays, while they celebrate another Christmas without De Leon.

“It’s something I don’t agree with, especially with the holidays. We’ve been without my brother for more than two years; waiting for justice. That’s all we’re looking for — we just want justice,” Barrera said. “I don’t think it’s OK they let him go.”

Villarreal, who faces two to 20 years in prison, asked for probation and is due back in court Jan. 15, records show.