LETTERS: Trump election was a mistake; Keep our funds in our country; Whistleblower draws questions; What’s appealing about socialism?

Trump election was a mistake

This is in response to Jake Longoria’s letter to The Monitor, “Democrats’ only agenda” (Nov. 8). President Trump might have done some good thing in his eyes. But he has failed this country in many ways.

Trump has to remember that he was elected president of the United States Of America, not appointed dictator of America. He has gone around Congress when it said no money for the wall by declaring a national emergency when in reality there is none.

He has failed us Latino Americans by making us face racism like our fathers and grandfathers used to face during the ’40s, ’50s and ’60s. He has turned his back on our allies.

Because of this action, how can we now ask other countries to stand with us and guarantee that we won’t do the same thing like he did to the Kurds in Syria?

No, Mr. Longoria, this president was one of the biggest mistakes this country ever did in electing him president.

Jesus Rodriguez


Keep our funds in our country

The 44th president of the United States signed off on the Paris Agreement, and put the United States on the hook for billions of taxpayer dollars toward an international fund to collect “nationally determined contributions” based on our country’s carbon footprint.

Naturally, the U.S. was tabbed to pick up the lion’s share of the bill since we have such a rich country and can afford to pay more than, say, China or India, which are greater polluters than the U.S.

Now enters the 45th President, Donald Trump, and he handles it the way he did the United Nations deadbeats: he tells the world to go fish. Why should the United States pick up the tab for everyone else?

As a deplorable citizen of this great country, I am glad that we finally have someone who is unwilling to waste our taxpayer dollars to clean up the messes that other countries around the world have created.

Jake Longoria


Whistleblower draws questions

How is it possible that in our United States of America a noaccount, possibly non-existing whistleblower could be the reason why the Democrats justify impeaching the most powerful man of the free world over a private phone call? And, who gave this person the authority to spy on a private conversation between two heads of state?

If we can do this to the president, the rest of you elected officials beware. You are opening a big can of worms.

Jose Coronado


What’s appealing about socialism?

Polls say 7 out of 10 millennials prefer socialism. The question is, do they pay for their own education, are they all working, are they paying for their own homes or rent, are they paying for their own cars, are they paying for their smartphones, are they paying taxes, are they paying all the household bills, are they paying for their own health, home and car insurance?

Are they paying for their socializing, drinking and vaping? Are they saving for their own kids’ future education? Are they saving for their old age? Are they paying for their own groceries and clothing? Are they being charitable with churches and people in need?

We need some factual statistics to see why they’re so infatuated with socialism. If they’re not personally doing any of the above, maybe there’s our answer.

Imelda Coronado


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