Edinburg police investigate the scene of a homicide at Kuhn Street and 9th. (Delcia Lopez | dlopez@themonitor.com)

EDINBURG — Police here are trying to piece together whether four people who died from possible gunshot wounds are the victims of a quadruple homicide or a triple homicide and suicide.

Police Chief Cesar Torres said during a less-than-five-minute-long news conference that investigators discovered a woman dead at an apartment complex at 301 W. Kuhn Street after receiving a 9-1-1 call at 6:49 Tuesday morning.

“During this investigation, we located four adults deceased from possible gunshots,” Torres said. “Also found at the residence was a male toddler who was unharmed.”

The chief said that two women found dead were a mother and daughter. Two men were also found dead.

“One male adult appears to be the boyfriend of one of the females and the second male adult appears to be a home provider,” Torres said.

Authorities initially confirmed Tuesday morning that they were investigating a triple homicide at the residence, which is a small, two-story brick apartment complex near Edinburg City Hall and the Hidalgo County Courthouse.

Hours later, police confirmed that a fourth body had been discovered.

“With further investigation, a fourth person has been found deceased at a separate location,” police said on Facebook. “It has been verified that the fourth homicide is in relation to the previous three homicides reported.”

During the press conference, Torres said the toddler is being monitored and is in safe hands.

“The names will be held as the next of kin has not been notified to some of these families,” Torres said.

The chief declined to take any questions, citing the sensitivity of the ongoing investigation.

Two neighbors who live on Kuhn Street, including a person who lived right next to the apartment, said they did not hear gunshots or any kind of disturbance Monday night or Tuesday morning.

Jesse Davila, however, who lives next to the apartment with his girlfriend and their four children, said he saw a man who was on the phone with 9-1-1 just before 7 a.m. when he took out the trash.

Davila said he heard the man say that he went to the apartment and found two women and a baby.

“He said on 9-1-1 he went in and there was blood everywhere,” Davila said.

The man added that police interviewed him and he told investigators that the man he saw was just over 5 feet tall, bald and wore glasses. He described that man as “chunky” and “brown.”

Davila said that when the man saw him, the man left.

“I never saw him again,” he said.

Davila said he had just moved in about a month ago and didn’t really know his neighbors, but he described them as normal and nice.

“I met them once,” Davila said.

As for Torres, who described the incident as horrific, he said investigators are working diligently to provide closure to the families and to bring justice to those who died.

“We also have victim services and ongoing emotional support for the victims’ families,” Torres said.

The chief said that authorities will release more information on what happened Tuesday morning at 301 W. Kuhn Street as it becomes available.

“This is a dark day for the city of Edinburg,” he said.