LETTERS: Brother’s honor is appreciated; Drinking Kool-Aid; Auxiliary turns 100; Biden claim spurs comment; Cruelty to unborn

Brother’s honor is appreciated

On Nov. 11 at the Veteran’s War Memorial my brother, José Del Carmen Morales, was remembered for his service during World War II, for going missing in action and dying in Korea in 1951. His Congressional Gold Medal was presented to me!

This happened because of the efforts of Cpl. Daniel Jaime and Col. Frank Palmmer. I sincerely want to thank them. More, I thank all who have serviced. Please remember the family members who endure separation and hardship as well.

Myriam Morales Klusmann


Drinking Kool-Aid

Over the years I have enjoyed and learned from the historical perspective that Jack Ayoub has brought to The Monitor. But it is difficult to state how disappointed I am with his letter on the Nov. 7 Opinion page: “Trump, Seguin share a history.”

How Mr. Ayoub can state: “Both were falsely accused of collusion with a foreign government, and both were publicly exposing corruption at the highest levels” is beyond me. This is the projection that Trump has tried to foist on us American citizens and Mr. Ayoub ascribes to it.

In my opinion he has drunk the Kool-Aid.

David Jackson


Auxiliary turns 100

I would like to wish the American Legion Auxiliary a big happy birthday! On Nov. 10 the American Legion Auxiliary turned 100 years old!

A century of serving our veterans and active-duty military, promoting patriotism, providing scholarships to our youth, mentoring our young women in the Juniors Program, promoting service not self and so much more.

The Rio Grande Valley currently has nine active American Legion Auxiliary units with more than 400 members who volunteer their time to serve the greater good. On Veterans Day you could find them distributing poppies, preparing meals for our veterans and raising money for all of their programs.

Last year the members in the Great State of Texas volunteered more than 300,000 hours serving our veterans.

So happy 100th birthday, American Legion Auxiliary, and here’s to another 100 years of service, not self.

Teresa Simmons-Copeland; American Legion Auxiliary Department of Texas Vice President 2019-2020 Loyal Service Unit 37


Biden claim spurs comment

Joe Biden was taking credit for meeting with the Sandy Hook shooting victims’ families. He was called out by a family member whose younger brother was killed. He said, wait a minute, President Obama did visit every family of the victims. Joe Biden was nowhere in sight. Joe just made it up for his own political gain and got caught in a lie.

Like it makes any difference for him. He did not expect to be called out on a lie; how cocky is that?

Rafael Madrigal


Cruelty to unborn

I just read that the Senate passed a bill unanimously making animal cruelty a federal crime. Bravo! Now, how about passing legislation offering the unborn humans the same justice?

Jose Coronado


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