LETTERS: Article, MEDC draw criticism; Deal with dementia; False charges against Trump

Article, MEDC draw criticism

I noticed a minor discrepancy in the Oct. 27 news article “Officials: McAllen’s economy is heading in right direction but obstacles remain,” written by Mitchell Ferman.

The article reported that the unemployment rate for the region was 4%, which seemed too good to be true. Indeed, according the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the actual unemployment rate is closer to 6%. That’s a significant margin.

Ferman then goes on to highlight the importance of retaining young educated students for sustained economic growth, and he mentions that a key way to achieve this is to create better infrastructure through more manufacturing jobs. Ferman didn’t elaborate on how this was going to be achieved.

Ferman states that most manufacturing jobs settled in Reynosa rather than in McAllen, which can be viewed as a failure and the part of the McAllen Economic Development Corp.

I wish Ferman could have explained how the MEDC was proactively trying to bring more of those jobs to our side of the border. Instead Ferman ends the article talking about kids selling lemonade, and how that’s going to eventually help the economy.

I understand Ferman was trying to end the article on a lighthearted/ positive note, but I was hoping to read more about possible solutions from the MEDC or the mayor’s office.

Eric Michael Lopez


Deal with dementia

Stage 7 dementia: My mother was on stage 7 for more than five years. It was a strain on our whole family. She was trapped in her body and there was nothing we could do about it.

The day she passed we felt relief for her. We saw her suffering, but she lived it every day. It was not fair for her to suffer this way; nevertheless, this is a part of life that we need to face: reality.

Just be there no matter how long it takes, and think only about today and focus on what needs to be done for that day and just do it. Worry about tomorrow, tomorrow.

Rafael Madrigal


False charges against Trump

George Bush famously butchered the saying, “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.” It made great material for the TV comics; now, sadly, the Democratic party has been playing the American public for fools.

Example: In November of 2016 they produced 26 women to come forward against then-candidate Donald Trump and accuse him of sexual harassment. The ploy failed and he was voted in as the 45th president of the United States.

The Russian interference plan was put into action with agents from the FBI texting about the insurance policy to get Trump out of office, resulting in the Robert Mueller report, which turned out to be a “nothingburger.”

Yes, arrests for money laundering that occurred before that person was affiliated with the Trump campaign were made, and Gen. Michael Flynn for lying to federal agents about his nondisclosure and failure to register as a foreign lobbyist, again nothing proven against President Trump.

Now comes the Ukrainian scandal and impeachment.

I predicted this nonstop barrage of Democratic attacks on this president in previous letters and there will be more to come after this failed attempt.

The media have had the past three years to investigate the Trump children and curiously not a single act of malfeasance has been uncovered, but Joe Biden’s son earns $50,000 per month from a Russian energy company as a member of its board of directors without any experience or expertise in the field and everyone is OK with that. Not fooled again!

Jake Longoria


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