LETTERS: Runaway Congress; Stand up for country; The world is perfect

Runaway Congress

We have a runaway government in Congress today. They are operating outside the law and need to be restrained and censored. Need to be stopped before they destroy America from within.

They have become the biggest threat in the history of America.

Rafael Madrigal


Stand up for country

Ms. Hortencia Camargo’s commentary on the Oct. 30 Opinion page of The Monitor is a dose of fresh air and common sense that are badly needed in this area of our beloved country.

The daily shaming for speaking out against the lawless immigration abuse that has damaged and divided our country needs to be exposed. It is agreed that we are a compassionate country, but our compassion sadly has empowered increasing anarchism that has no place in a constitutional and civilized society. To advocate for lawlessness of our immigration laws is to promote the demise of this great country that has protected our freedoms with hard work, sweat and blood.

We must encourage great patriotic voices like Ms. Camargo’s to stand up for our great country to prevail as a nation of freedom and wellvetted legal refuge, graced by God Almighty.

Imelda Coronado


The world is perfect

To the people who find themselves a little extra worried, scared, filled with anxiety, stress or heartache today, be happy. Smile. Don’t let the doomsday lovers scare you into believing the end-of-times hype. Those people get a sick, twisted joy out of spreading fear and enjoy wreaking havoc on your life.

The world is perfect. The end of times has been coming since the beginning of times. War, famine, disease and disasters have been showing their ugly face since the day God spoke life into the universe.

The world ends every single day for the people who die. Do you understand? The world ends for whose who die. That’s it.

Right now we and this planet are thriving, living and making a mess! The only thing in life that stays the same is that everything changes. Welcome it.

It’s not always pretty, but sometimes the most beautiful flower blooms in the biggest pile of manure. That’s us, that’s earth.

These hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, etc., are just Mother Nature strutting her stuff. She should be respected, feared and loved.

Please remember that there is not a person on earth, heaven or hell who knows when if ever the world will end. Please know and accept that God is a loving God.

The people who try to change your life or views by fear of the wrath of God are demons themselves. For if they were truly God-guided, good hearted and their intentions true they would scream, holler and yell about love, acceptance, tolerance, empathy and peace.

Now go on and enjoy this beautiful day God created!

Texas is the best example of how to live through any disaster, hurt or pain. Wish for the best, prepare for the worst, accept what happens. Be thankful, be helpful and rebuild.

Disasters have a way of bringing out all the best the world has to offer and pray. Prayers move mountains and can easily move the hand, heart and mind of our world leaders.

That technically means we (you and me) can change the world through prayer — and donating; donating always helps too.

Hortencia Camargo


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