LETTERS: Misreading Hispanics; Lawless Congress

Misreading Hispanics

Assuredly, Monitor contributor Ruben Navarrette is a Democratic “Never-Trumper.”

Here’s some news: Contrary to his Oct. 20 column, many Hispanics do support and love this president!

Many Hispanics in this southernmost part of Texas wholeheartedly disagree with your Democratic talking points ranging from the Russian hoax to the DACA disaster, 14th Amendment debate to the “bad hombres” and “invasion” quotes. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out why you have to parrot those talking points — you are terrified of Trump’s reelection!

Evidence shows that Trump is good for Hispanic and black communities. A quick search reveals this truth: “Rohit Arora, Biz2Credit’s CEO, said Latino business owners are enjoying a 46 percent jump in revenue this year, which will bolster the nation’s thriving economy.

In May, Alfredo Ortiz of the Job Creators Network said that although Democrats claimed the Trump economy was no help to the Hispanic community, the facts revealed the opposite. Ortiz wrote: “The fact is that Hispanics are flourishing in the Trump economy. Democrats asserting the contrary is a mere partisan talking point to try to deny Trump the Hispanic support he has earned, and which may decide the presidential election outcome next year. Expect Democrats to increase their identity politics attacks in an effort to skew Latinos against Republicans over the next year and a half.”

Evidently, the Democrats and Mr. Navarrette are just stirring up obstruction and opposition! Even Kamala Harris, when asked by CNN just what crimes Trump was guilty of, couldn’t cite any specific examples and simply stuttered incoherently before deflecting.

You don’t speak for all Hispanics, Mr. Navarrette, especially when you embarrass yourself by calling Hispanic Trump supporters “Highspanics” and “sell-outs” (Oct. 10). That is blatantly more offensive and condescending than Trump calling drug dealers “bad hombres” and MS-13 criminals “animals.”

Joel Ramirez


Lawless Congress

Lynching was heard in old cowboy films where people took the law in their own hands. In this case is our Democratic Congress that is taking the law in their own hands and becoming judge, jury and executioner. Accusing without any evidence; so they create false 

Again, America should not be bamboozled with the progressive socialist Democrats’ lies. Clearly, they’re full-core disguised communists who have been inching toward hard-core communism for decades.

Please Google or research how many Democrat politicians have ties or are registered with the American Communist Party. To give them credibility and power is to allow them to come take away all the rights that we have enjoyed since the birth of this great nation.

Those who favor communism are the power-hungry deep state, and those whose culture is, “welfare now, welfare forever” at the expense of those hardworking, honest Americans who deny their own needs to appease this growing amoeba movement.

Imelda Coronado


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