LETTERS: The president is accountable; City draws complaint

The president is accountable

Recently an attorney from Brownsville received a sentence for failing to file a financial document and tampering with a witness. This failure has cost this defendant 13 months in prison, 3 years of supervised release and a $100,000 fine for unpaid taxes.

The idea that “no one is above the law” prevailed because the government substantiated the case with facts.

Our president, on the contrary, has established himself to a different standard of the law. He would like us to believe that the government fact-finding inquiries are all a hoax of political harassment. Not true!

Unknowingly, he has created for himself a delusional throne of presidential power that goes against all presidential accountability. As his questionable actions escalate, so do his offensive tweets and statements of self-proclaimed greatness. He resorts to a public defense of the investigations as a personal witch hunt, lynching, and a coup that is after him.

This type of irrational rhetoric may seem fine for his supporters, but it is not for our nation.

Regardless of the source of who raises the red flag of impropriety, may it be the fake media or the whistleblowers, they are not the ones in defiance of the law as our president shifts the blame to them.

Congress is entrusted with the responsibility of the check and balance process. It is not up to the president to keep them from doing their job.

And just as unfortunate of all these wrongdoings is the Republicans’ total lack of courage to stand up for what is morally right. They have compromised their integrity by remaining silent and supportive of the president’s unethical and possibly illegal actions.

They have placed their selfinterests above that of our country’s because they value the tax cuts, etc., more than the integrity of the individual.

As for the president, He is just as accountable to the law as the attorney who will serve 13 months in prison for failure to file his financial documents.

He is just accountable to the law as the undocumented immigrant who is sent back because he entered the country without documentation.

He is just as accountable to show his tax documents to those of us who lawfully pay our taxes, rather than boasting of how smart he is for not paying his.

The opportunity to serve as our president is a privilege that comes with the price of accountability. It is setting the example of righteousness and personally knowing that no one is above the law.

Elia Franz


City draws complaint

Some years back our city of Pharr was called the “Hub City;” but it should be called the “Weedy City,” because the alleys are not mowed, the curbs are not swept and the asphalt is cracking up. The grass looks like snakes in heat.

Plus, the Pharr City Council had the streets paved, but did not repair the areas that have drainage problems first. So now they want $170,000 for repairs!

I’m a poor man of 65 years and only a high school grad, but I know that you repair the drainage first and then you pave.

The flooding is so bad that the Border Patrol captured 20 illegals who though they had crossed the Rio Grande.

If you take Xanax, carry your doctor’s prescription, because the Pharr cops will take you to jail even if you only have one tablet.

Ricardo Rosales


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