LETTERS: Trump foes draw attack; No standing up to Trump; Obama evaluated

Trump foes draw attack

Mr. Mike Egan’s comments on the coverage of President Donald J. Trump (Oct. 11), suggests that one person’s morality is more important than the vibrant economy. He is mistaken in accusing a singular source of morality causing the unrest in the nation at this time.

While I do not always agree with the rhetoric of our president, much of the unrest is due to vile rhetoric coming for about a dozen members of the House of Representatives and about five members of the Senate who are members of the opposition to the president.

Comparing the present situation of the U.S. to Nazi Germany is ridiculous. The closest thing to the Nazi Brownshirts is Antifa, an antiadministration terrorist group.

The vitriolic rhetoric from a House member from California essentially saying to attack members of the current administration is not respectful of the Founding Fathers’ concepts. Freedom of expression is a right, a right which ends at the end of your nose.

Currently, House committees are bypassing checks and balances by not allowing the opposition party to question witnesses or bring in opposition witnesses to committee hearings. The leader of the House is purposely preventing justice to be blind. One party is assuming guilt when multiple investigations have failed to find any guilt of the accused. Unfortunately for them, many of the members of the previous administration have had suspicion thrown on themselves.

Precepts of the American justice system are “innocent until proven guilty” and “accused has the right to confront accusers”; this has not been happening in the House committees. In fact, the committees are blocking the accused in every way possible.

Auston B. Cron


No standing up to Trump

After reading The Monitor over coffee on Oct. 30, I was dismayed by the article about McAllen and other cities not getting money Congress had appropriated for migrant assistance!

A sure-fire remedy would be to take away funds earmarked in the military’s use for the travels of the president, which costs us taxpayers approximately $200,000 for each trip around the USA. If that money were held up for those golf trips and campaigning, you can bet your bottom dollar this money would be here in an electronic transfer heartbeat.

Our senator, John Cornyn, apparently does not have any influence with Trump at all except to be his yes man. Sen. Ted Cruz did not stand up for his wife against Trump in the debates! What has happened to all the men in Texas?

Bill Williams


Obama evaluated

Despite all we can say about oppression, Barack Obama is really worth his weight in steel. I mean, how can any other man, woman or modest fellow deny that which is considered unjust?

Not only did his wars succeed in unseating his relics, but his intrepid endeavors in North Sudan will never be forgotten. We learned we must trust only our values, decide to support democracy, and rationalize nothing.

Were it not for war we would have endeared our lives to less. We owe him not only our debt, but also our aluminum.

Take from this what you may, but were it not for Bill Clinton’s surplus our republic would be faltering. Barack owed to him what we could not lend to our heirs.

Jeffrey Hansen


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