LETTERS: Hearings aren’t fair; Cartels own government

Hearings aren’t fair

Does anyone really believe the Democrat impeachment hearings in the House of Representatives are fair to President Trump? Even this latest “impeachment inquiry/ resolution” designation is not a fair process for the president.

What has happened to due process, rule of law, transparency and just plain fairness, where both parties have the ability to question all witnesses. The leaders of the Democrat-controlled House as well as the mainstream media are attempting to disenfranchise 62 million voters by removing a duly elected president of the United States from office.

As is common knowledge, this impeachment process has been in the works since before President Trump was inaugurated. It is almost unbelievable that this entire impeachment process is based on a single phone call, for which the president has released the transcript.

Witnesses at the hearings have supposedly given explosive, bombshell testimony. Of course, we don’t know this for sure because all the initial testimony was behind closed doors, and the only parts we heard about were damning bits and pieces leaked to the media by the Democrats.

Where is the transparency?

Precedence, which previously was of concern to Democrats, seems to have lost all importance in these impeachment proceedings. This is yet another example of the extreme hypocrisy the Democrats have demonstrated toward the president.

Since taking control of the House in 2018, the Democrats have accomplished virtually nothing of substance to benefit the public.

Health care, infrastructure, drug prices and border security come to mind. Even the USMCA, a would-be benefit for the Valley, has been put aside by Speaker Nancy Pelosi. They can’t credit the president with anything and our Valley representatives are right along in there with Pelosi.

Their priority is, was, and will continue to be get rid of Trump.

There is a presidential election next year and I wonder why they can’t wait and let the people decide again. It’s probably because their accomplishment record doesn’t compare to his successes and they are very fearful of his reelection.

Melvin L. Thompson


Cartels own government

I just cannot grasp the idea of the president of Mexico to cower down to the Mexican cartels for fear of retaliation for their attack on those who happen to have caught and arrested the son of El Chapo. This is a form of an apology to El Chapo, saying it was not their intention to arrest his son.

The Mexican TV novelas are spot on the truth of the matter. And the truth of the matter is that the cartels own the Mexican government and the Mexican government will not make a move without their blessing.

The more Mexico claims to change for the better, the more it stays the same. Corruption will rule Mexico until the end of times with no sign of any improvement. It is a culture of corruption with roots too deep to dig out. Corruption is embedded too deep in its culture.

Rafael Madrigal


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