City warns pet owners to be wary of weather


MISSION — With temperatures expected to dip, the City of Mission and their Animal Control Department released a PSA with precautions for pet-owners.

They provided four guidelines: keep pets indoors and warm, give pets plenty of water, honk before starting your car and be prepared.

Keep your pets indoors

Sensitive to severe cold, pets left outside during cold weather are at risk for frostbite and hypothermia. Pets could suffer permanent damage because exposed skin on noses, ears and paw pads can quickly freeze.

Aside from leaving them outdoors, the city also warns to not leave any pets inside a vehicle during the cold. This is due to the trapped cold in a vehicle, which could potentially cause the pet to freeze.

Hydrate your pets

Because keeping warm depletes energy, it is suggested to routinely check pets’ water dish. The cold weather can freeze the water.

In addition to checking the water, the city is urging pet owners to use plastic bowls rather than metal. This is to prevent pets’ tongues from freezing and sticking to metal.

Check vehicles

In cold conditions, animals or pets could possibly curl up near engine blocks in vehicles.

The city is advising citizens to honk before starting their vehicle to make sure there are no animals in danger.

Be prepared

Although simple, it’s better safe than sorry. Cold weather, as we have seen on Monday night with rain, could cause a power outage.

The city is reminding citizens to have a supply of food, water and medication for their pets.