LETTERS: Trump betrayed American allies; No life exists before birth; How will we judge them?

Trump betrayed American allies

How long will the apology tour for Donald Trump take?

The Kurds saved many American lives and the U.S promised to have their back. Trump does as Vladimir Putin and Recep Tayyip Erdogan tells him to do and pulls out of Syria to leave the Kurds to be slaughtered.

His move was great news for Turkey, Syria, Russia and Iran and terrible news for U.S. forces. This is worse than the U.S. retreat from Saigon. We now have U.S. planes bombing U.S. facilities to destroy them before Russia can move in.

Trump gave his blessing to the ethnic cleansing that is now taking place. The GOP is doing nothing to correct this situation. Trump made sure that the U.S. troops who died fighting ISIS died in vain! Is the Trump tax cut worth all the lost lives and reputation of the USA?

The crown prince of Saudi Arabia had a U.S. resident tortured and murdered. Trump saw nothing wrong with it and defended the prince. Now Trump is assigning 3,000 U.S. troops to help the prince protect his wealth. He stated that the prince would pay cash for the use of this force of mercenaries. How much will Trump’s commission be?

Trump and the GOP have a sugar daddy in Moscow. Millions upon millions of dollars have made its way from Moscow to Republican campaign funds. Those dollars are controlling U.S. policy. They had a U.S. representative, Pete Sessions of Texas, work to have the ambassador to the Ukraine removed, because she was honest. Silence from Sens. Ted Cruz and John Cornyn is an indication of their approval.

I am a retired serviceman who is listed as disabled. If you vote for Republicans, never say to me, “Thank you for your service.” Find a Russian vet and tell him.

Hank Shiver


No life exists before birth

I’d like to challenge a couple of the statements in the letter by Ms. Hortencia Camargo that was published Oct. 17. She seeks to make any abortion after 12 weeks gestation illegal, calling it a “lateterm abortion” and murder.

First of all, it’s impossible to murder a fetus, which is simply described as tissue. A fetus doesn’t become a baby until it is born and, since an abortion prevents it from being born, abortion is not murder.

I’m a nurse and I’ve worked in the neonatal intensive care unit, but I’ve never heard of a 12-week-plus neonate. I doubt she saw one less than 28 weeks. Yes, we work hard to make them thrive and we usually succeed, thanks to all that modern medicine has to offer.

I’m disappointed in the trite tone of her letter. Having worked with women going through the abortion experience, I can say that it wasn’t an easy decision to make. Most of them felt some sense of loss after the procedure, but after recovering they felt relieved to have the stress of the situation behind them.

The financial and personal difficulties experienced by couples trying to raise children with significant physical or mental disabilities can often lead to grave disruption within the family and end in divorce.

I’ve often thought that it’s too bad the football players didn’t get pregnant instead of the cheerleaders. If that were the case, abortion would never have become an issue. After all, boys will be boys.

Debra Bolin


How will we judge them?

Regarding the impeachment and trial of Donald Trump, moral courage is easy to spot despite its rarity. Gov. Sam Houston was removed from office for standing on principle but is revered today for putting national above personal or party interest.

It will be fascinating to look back in a year and see who among the U.S. senators and representatives from Texas will be venerated for their courage, like Houston, or despised for their cowardice.

Eli Cox


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