Man claims Alamo falsifying water reports to state agency

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality confirms it is investigating the city of Alamo’s water supply system.

“TCEQ records show that the agency has an open investigation of the city’s public water supply system that was initiated in response to a complaint received on Aug. 12, 2019, alleging concerns with the city’s documentation reported to the TCEQ,” agency spokesman Brian McGovern said.

A lawsuit filed on Nov. 6 by Francisco Javier Osorio against the city of Alamo claims that he reported allegations to TCEQ that the city of Alamo submitted false reports of chemical readings for water quality.

In the lawsuit, the former employee claims the city of Alamo fired him on Aug. 5 in what he says is retaliation for reporting alleged wrongdoings to TCEQ.

Osorio worked as a water plant operator for the city from June 9, 2015, until he was fired in August.

Alamo Interim City Manager Bobby Salinas declined to discuss Osorio’s employment with the city, but disputed the allegations.

“I am aware of Mr. Osorio’s claims, however the City cannot discuss personnel matters in public,” Salinas said in an email. “Please be aware that the City disputes the allegations made by Mr. Osorio and we are vigorously defending the City’s actions regarding his termination.”

Salinas also said there are no problems with the city’s drinking water.

“As always, the City makes every effort to protect its water quality for the safety and good health of its citizens, and the quality of the City’s drinking water has never been compromised,” Salinas said.

TCEQ records indicate the last time the city’s water supply system had a violation was in 2017, which was a lead consumer notice violation.

The agency addressed the violation with the city of Alamo in an informal manner and the municipality achieved compliance.

Osorio claims he has suffered damages that include “lost wages, harm to his reputation and professional career, emotional distress, mental anguish, loss of enjoyment of life and other compensatory damages.”

The attorney representing Osorio did not respond to an email seeking comment and the city of Alamo, which was served Tuesday, has not filed a response.