LETTERS: Exercise venue a waste of funds; Don’t support gas companies; Learn today

Exercise venue a waste of funds

The first paragraph caught my attention and started the wheels turning. The county “Wellness Department” hosted an event at the Precinct 2 Indoor Sports Complex (Oct. 6).

The article goes on to say that what usually happens at this complex is baseball training. What?

How much money was spent so that kids could practice baseball indoors? It’s free to practice outdoors, and this can be done early in the day when it doesn’t feel like we’re on Mars.

What county leaders thought this was a good use of taxpayer money?

It feels wrong on many levels. I don’t know where to start, except to say, and I quote Desi from I Love Lucy: “Someone’s got some ’splaining to do.”

And the first person I plan to ask for an explanation is the county commissioner who represents the west side of McAllen.

The shortest path to better fitness is the one that goes from the sofa to the door, beyond which you may take a 20-30 minute walk several times a week. Free. Open 24/7. No county funds needed.

Give me a break!

Robert Ramirez


Don’t support gas companies

The Monitor editorial in favor of the liquefied natural gas tax abatement was a definite onesided argument that read like the propaganda proliferating from the LNG sales pitches. The rewards stated were dollars and profits and the technological advances professed were cheaper sources, which are caused by fracking/flaring, which result in pollution.

Now, once again on the shores of the Rio Grande Valley, there will now be another liquefaction process causing more pollutants.

These pollutants will blow southeasterly inward from the coast to the McAllen area and beyond, so the decisions of Cameron County also reflect on Hidalgo County.

Nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, volatile organic compounds, particulate matter and others will fall and blow on the local communities for decades in the future.

Is it no wonder why the city of Port Isabel is opposed to the LNG companies and have an official T-shirt now of “Don’t Pass the Gas”? And why also, the surrounding towns of Laguna Vista and South Padre Island have opposed these polluters locating in the area with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission?

The natural resources are the wealth of the RGV region and should not be sold out for pennies on the dollar to pollute the last of the green fields on our Texas coast. To think of the future is to commit to a higher value to human capital of the residents and to relegate fossil fuels to pay for their last heyday.

There should be no abatements that reward polluters and make communities pay for the resulting pollution.

Diane Teter


Learn today

Let us watch our fathers and mothers.

Let us learn not.

Let us relinquish doubts.

Let us land here tomorrow.

Let us not know indifference.

Let us be victorious over our pasts.

If we do not know tomorrow what are we? And are we to learn from today?

Jeffrey Hansen


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