LETTERS: These times aren’t normal; Democrats’ only agenda; Hating media and California

These times aren’t normal

After reading the editorial “Broken boundary: Growth of presidential power has been bad for country” (Oct. 7), I also wonder, like the commentator in the article, how would the founders feel about our government today? I bet they would be so disappointed because of its lack of integrity!

These are not normal times!

Mary Martinez


Democrats’ only agenda

Have you ever seen a dog chase its tail? It’s funny to watch, and sometimes the dog even catches its tail; then what? The dog turns its tail loose and drops to the ground, not having accomplished anything, and lays there from it’s dizzying adventure.

This is my prediction for the Democratic Party. It has been chasing President Trump since his inauguration. In the meantime the Democratic Party and its office holders in Congress have ignored the nation’s business. It’s all about getting this president out of office.

Health care, the nation’s budget, gun reform and even climate change have all taken a back seat to the business of getting President Trump out of office. Last month the unemployment rate hit its lowest mark in more than 50 years, along with black and Hispanic unemployment; trade and tariff negotiations from this administration continue to apply pressure on China and Europe for equal treatment of American goods and for the protection of the American worker.

Imagine how much could be accomplished if the Democratic Congress worked in unison with this president for the good of “We the People,” and not for the good of the party.

Jake Longoria


Hating media and California

President Trump, I like you, have had my fill of swamp creatures spewing crap they throw out to see if it will stick. You might liken the this to the pasta cooking technique; after boiling, spaghetti is tossed against a wall to see if it sticks.

All the while, the many biased/ corrupt news media are there to make the opposition’s pasta stick!

By the way, whenever I fly over or in the general vicinity of the state of California, I plan to carry the editorial section of The New York Times newspaper with me. So if there is an emergency forced landing in California, I will be prepared. Given all the weird government laws or political statements in California, I have no desire to ever visit the state again, on business, pleasure or even if the White House invites me there.

After the forced landing and nature prevails, I plan to defecate on the NYT editorial page!

Of course, being from Texas, even at my age (71-years) I would still crumble up the NY Times editorial page and dispose of the “poop sheet” properly in the nearest appropriate trash container, then go on my way.

Francis Ciancarelli


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