LETTERS: Trump, Seguin share a history; Value victims over parolees

Trump, Seguin share a history

Texas history has long forgotten the political assassination of Juan Seguin by his enemies in the Deep State. After fighting for Texas independence in five battles, including the Alamo and at San Jacinto, Lt. Col. Seguin exposed the land grab plot to buy land in San Antonio by selfproclaimed Texas General Felix Huston to his good friend and former commander, President Sam Houston, for pennies on the dollar. This act of courage earned Seguin political enemies in the military.

From 1838-1840, the only Tejano senator Seguin fought to have the laws of Texas printed in Spanish as well as in English, so all the Tejanos in Texas would know what their rights and responsibilities were as citizens of Texas. This act of common sense earned Seguin political enemies in the Texas Senate.

From 1840-1842, Mayor Seguin publicly spoke out against the new Anglo settlers who were stealing homes and ranches of Tejanos in suspicious title transfers and fraudulent tax sales. According to his memoirs, more than 200 Tejano families in the San Antonio area lost their homes. This act of bravery earned Seguin political enemies in San Antonio.

After losing most of his money in two failed military expeditions in Mexico against Gen. Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, Seguin decided to recoup his money by going to Mexico to buy sheep and sell them back in San Antonio, but he needed a written letter of safe passage from Col. Rafael Vasquez. Vasquez’s letter back to Seguin seemed very suspicious, and Seguin believed an invasion to San Antonio was coming very soon. Although Seguin warned everyone in San Antonio about a suspected attack that soon occurred, his political enemies blamed Seguin with Mexican collusion.

Also, Vasquez waved Seguin’s written letter to everyone in the main plaza, proclaiming Seguin was still loyal to Mexico. Although Vasquez never showed the actual contents of the letter to anyone, his political enemies formed into mobs. Seguin, resigning as mayor and fearing for his life and the security of his family, had to flee San Antonio for Mexico, where he was soon discovered in Nuevo Laredo by the Mexican army.

Now history wants to repeat itself with President Trump’s political enemies in the Deep State trying to force him out of office, just like with Seguin. Both were falsely accused of collusion with a foreign government, and both were publicly exposing corruption at the highest levels.

Trump wants to make America great again, and Seguin always wanted to make Texas a great place to live for Tejanos and Texans alike.

Fake news forced Seguin out of Texas, and fake history has denied Juan Seguin’s rightful place along with the rest of our Texas heroes whom he and his Tejanos fought with.

Jack Ayoub


Value victims over parolees

Response to Ken Wilson (Letters, Oct. 8): How is it that all you bleeding-heart liberals know how bad it is for convicted felons after they serve time for the crimes they committed, but have no feelings for victims of the families? Does every family member suddenly feel great again and back to normal after someone is convicted?

Many people live the rest of their lives in pain, missing the child they didn’t get to see grow up or grandchildren they will never have to love.

Maybe, just maybe, you might not feel the same if someone in your family were killed or raped.

Bill Rouillier


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