LETTERS: Speech not equal; Saddened; We need broadside

Speech not equal

The biased, liberal media have done a great job of radical indoctrination by demonizing conservative citizens by splashing story after story, and photo ops of illegal immigrants openly demonstrating, and projecting heartwrenching images of them carrying huge posters decrying, “Love, no hate, no racism.”

No American citizen is readily offered a microphone, time off from work or liberal media access to respond against hate-inciting, liberal media coverage of made-up stories of hate and racism against illegal immigrants.

Contrary to their public, heartbreaking stories of discrimination, racism and abuse, they never talk about facts.

Case in point: According to the Center for Immigration Studies, 63% of households containing non-citizens access welfare programs, compared to 35% for citizens. This clearly shows that some “racist, evil, taxpaying, citizens” don’t mind contributing for these people’s dignity and well being, while they themselves deny their own needs. It is an ongoing mediasilenced fact, going back a century.

Just because conservative citizens don’t enjoy the same freedom of speech and access to a liberalcontrolled media like illegals do, we’re supposed to believe this demonization of truly compassionate Americans.

Imelda Coronado



“Act of faith: Religious groups gather to support women’s right to choose.” That was the front-page headline of the Oct. 3 paper. There also were two pictures.

The only thing I have to say is that there is nothing sadder than a bunch of women marching for the right to kill their own children.

Danny Jansen


We need broadside

It’s time for a broadside in the Rio Grande River Valley! It’s time for the people of the Valley to publish a statement of self-respect and loving kindness to defeat the forces of evil, hatred and ignorance attacking us today.

A broadside is a document proclaiming a stand on an issue. It is to be read aloud in public, to be posted in the public square, to be proclaimed in churches, schools and homes. Broadsides were used by the American colonists rebelling against English rule to state their case for independence, to rally support for their cause, and to encourage the undecided to take a stand against the tyranny of their day.

We have a stand to take. We know the Valley is a place of peace, natural beauty, industry, energy and safety.

These attributes are not diminished by either politics or immigration. The people of the Valley are proud of the heritages from around the world that prosper here. We value our neighbors, our community, our protectors, our caregivers and all who serve our country.

I challenge The Monitor to call for the residents of the Valley to write poetry, songs, stories, plays and create all manner of visual art expressing the heart of the RGV to counteract the negatives directed at us over the last few years. I challenge The Monitor to print these sentiments as a poster/broadside in the newspaper so the people who live here and the people who don’t can understand who we really are.

Kathleen Carlson


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