LETTERS: Feeding homeless; President defended

Feeding homeless

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the different organizations in the Rio Grande Valley that provide much for the homeless community. The Salvation Army offers warm meals in the McAllen area just as Loaves & Fishes does in Harlingen and Raymondville.

However, the Mid-Valley area such as Donna, Weslaco and Mercedes do not run such organizations where warm meals or shelter are available for the overlooked homeless community.

One’s initial reaction might be, “Why should I care?” The reason we should care is because the homeless community consists of men, women and children who are members and citizens of our shared environment. Members of our shared environment deserve dignity and respect, even if they lack basic necessities that most of us take for granted.

According to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, 552,830 people experienced homelessness in the United States on a single night in January 2018.

The number of homeless Latinos comprised 122,476 or 22% of that number.

The lack of job stability and low pay rates contribute to homelessness. According to the Texas Market Labor Information the unemployment rate for the Rio Grande Valley was 7.3$ in July 2018 and 7.0% in July 2019.

The unemployment rate still concerns, since several businesses have closed. For instance, the closing of the Walmart and state prison in Raymondville displaced hundreds of families.

Therefore, the development of an organization within the Mid-Valley area that could provide warm meals for the homeless would be beneficial to those in need and those supporting a great cause by creating a sense of unity and compassion.

Erica M. Gomez

Policy analysis class Graduate student of social work Our Lady of the Lake University


President defended

My “political statement” regarding our country’s liberals and biased news media outlets is that they just cannot accept the outcome of a legitimate presidential election.

Conditions here on the Texas-México border are no different than what President Donald J. Trump experiences daily since the day he descended down the Trump Towers golden escalator to announce his candidacy for our country’s top job, aspiring to become our 45th U.S. president and to serve the people of this country as our commander in chief.

The liberal political character assassins immediately condemned candidate Trump, then they attacked President-elect Trump, plus fueled the flames of unrest with the help of the biased media outlets. The liberals continue their daily condemnation on President Trump’s administration and accomplishments, for what reason? All eligible American citizens need to vote in 2020, please avoid mail-in ballots where an abundance of fraud is attributed every election, casting your ballot with the full understanding that there is a similar political climate and that corruption exists at the many levels of government, so I have experienced as the same un-American/unethical issues occur in a few of the rank and file positions of the Department of Justice agencies.

Francis M. Ciancarelli


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