COMMENTARY: Equality is impossible

Pushing companies (people) to the point where all their sacrifice makes them little if any true profits will only hurt the working class.

How? I’ll go slow. Taxes, forced higher wages, insurance, workmen’s comp, etc., only jeopardize jobs.

How? Well, Bernie lovers, I’ll tell you. The entrepreneurial and corporate mindset is not based on Mother Teresa’s moral backbone; they are in business to make money. When you push the corporate world they will push back.

Example: Many fast food chains decided that the pressure for insurance and higher pay was too great, and instead of sacrificing and giving up their house in the Caymans or yacht they opted instead to fire 100% all their lower-skilled employees (taking orders and flipping burgers) and have converted their fast food restaurants to be 100% automated. So what happened? No jobs! Period! Everyone who had an income now has no income whatsoever and no job, period.

Does it really matter if Susie fights to get a $3 increase when she has now lost her job entirely? She now makes $0/hour.

In a socialist environment you may have income equality, but many more equal poor people. How does that help anybody?

It is the wealthy person who has either by choice, fate or luck taken advantage of every opportunity to become successful and in turn created many jobs and positions throughout the income ladder at all levels.

Socialists are dreamers. Their views are distorted and will not only cripple this nation but will rob you and me of every opportunity to become truly independent success stories. Like all children who are promised free candy, I understand the wave of supporters he has; but what the child and you do not understand is that with all the free candy your heart desires comes a great deal of cavities, rot, erosion and finally a world of pain.

We are not born with a right to be equal. We are all born with a right to be free. Free to either work three jobs or stay at home all day. Free to purchase new books to study or the sexy outfit for this weekend’s party. Free to get pregnant and have six children or to decide to take preventive measures and secure your future before you bring another life into existence. Free to purchase a sports car or decide to invest. Free to risk everything for a better future or accept that just getting by will suffice. Free to smoke pot, complain and daydream or free to stand up and take action for you own self and well being. We are free, but by no means are we all equal.

I understand that from a moral standpoint socialism may look appealing but it’s a farce. You can’t govern morals. You cannot make it illegal to watch porn, smoke, drink, go to strip clubs, etc., and you cannot force people to share their hard-earned wealth just because you feel it’s the right thing to do. Some people are perverts, some cheat on their spouses, some love strip clubs, some are rude and some are stingy. Too bad! That is their individual right. You cannot support freedom while trying to dictate morals. If you want to spread the wealth, spread yours but not your neighbor’s. That’s stealing.

If you give a man a fish he will eat for a day, but if you teach him how to fish he will never go hungry. Besides addressing his hunger it teaches him that only by his own actions can he support and provide for himself. The river is filled with fish for the man who makes an effort to go fishing. You cannot sit on the sidelines waiting for another man to get wet and throw you a fish. You yourself must get wet and go fishing!

You cannot have income equality in a world of so much inequality in drive, sacrifice, commitment, dedication, perseverance and of course opportunity, as opposed to a blatant lack of ambition, strive and indefatigability. It simply cannot be.

In theory, income equality is a noble but misguided utopian ideology. In reality, it is an impossible unrealistic feat.

Hortencia Camargo lives in McAllen.