COMMENTARY: The law must be upheld

Horrible atrocities happen at the border, but to say that there is no true compassion and empathy by the hands of the law enforcement officers trying to keep order and control is absolutely ridiculous.

Those people literally risk their health and lives daily just going to work. Not only do they risk themselves, but their families at home as well.

A touch of respect would do many of you good. An opinion minus a solution is mediocre and manure at best.

I see the wailing about the conditions of the holding facilities, but as of yet I have read no real solution offered by the masses pointing their righteous fingers.

Believe me, I know the law and when you break it, no matter the justification, you do pay with time and you had better believe that you and your family will suffer and of course be separated.

What makes any good man or woman a criminal? The excuse/ reason/justification will always and forever be necessity and want. As honorable and maybe even admirable as that is, the action of breaking the law is a crime.

We must all realize that there is not a Republican or Democrat who would absolutely love to use a white glove when dealing with the current influx of illegal immigration. It’s true. Everyone wishes we could just print more money, make sicknesses disappear and that somehow terrorist and criminal masterminds would not just slip through the cracks. We all want yellow flower-painted walls and movie night in the holding facilities with lush gardens, plush robes and a full service buffet for all! I’ll venture to say that even the homeless vets would agree. That’s nice. Sounds great. For one millisecond we all agree. Enjoy.

It’s over. The difference between parties is that as hard as it is, one party can easily separate reality from makebelieve and know that we must govern with compassion; but we cannot let compassion govern.

It suck, I know, but in any government order and synergy must come first. The sovereignty of any nation is its citizens and a great nation must clearly and proudly support, back and defend its own citizens above anyone else.

That being said, any strong and united country could easily address and provide assistance, guidance and refuge to immigrants and refugees alike in a civil, not necessarily luxurious, manner. Read that again: A united country that stands in synergy could in theory be able to easily address any humanitarian crisis. The problem: Republicans and Democrats alike will not play together and refuse to bend or budge one way or the other.

How, then, or why, would I stand with the Republican mindset? Let me tell you: Because although compassion and empathy are on the list of priorities when dealing with this crisis, it is safety, law, order and control that are put first and foremost. Minus those attributes other plans mirror unicorns playing in a meadow. It looks good and makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, but it does absolutely nothing to solve the problem. Zero.

The United States needs to regain control of its borders first, immensely slow down the influx of illegal immigration, build a strong and solid barrier to help Border Patrol defend and protect our nation and at the same time ease their professional burden; anything and everything else is secondary.

A chain of command and an order of importance must be adhered to when upholding our laws. America cannot strive with quasi-half-baked regulations. Our laws must be followed and any crimes against this nation must have consequences. Minus fear of breaking any law (illegal immigration, etc.), there is no law, no order, no control; hence no country.

America needs to regain control of its southern borders. Let’s do that first. We must address the problem, the threat, before we address the trickle of other issues it brings.

The only true way to handle the influx of illegal immigration in a truly humane manner is to control the actual entering flow; then and only then could American properly vet them; they could be processed and go through a system that is fair, just and handled with compassion and safety in mind for both American citizens and any immigrants or refugees. It is nearly an impossible task to undertake when the flood gates are open.

Labeling an entire demographic (Border Patrol) on the actions of few borders on the imbecilic. However, the men and women who broke the law should and will be punished; however, that applies to legal citizens and illegal immigrants alike.

Why treat the symptoms alone? You must deal with the underlying cause. Who’s needs Motrin when the huge horrific gash on your leg won’t stop bleeding?

Hortencia Camargo lives in McAllen.