LETTERS: Officials reach impeach mode; Local coverage spurs complaint

Officials reach impeach mode

Our representatives from the Valley have joined the “impeach Trump” bandwagon. They hate President Trump but they seem to be very willing to accept any accolades and photo-ops that come in the form of positive economic activity, positive growth and development, or anything else of a positive nature in the Valley.

These are, in part, due to some of the policies implemented by President Trump. They so hate President Trump they will not give him credit for anything he does.

The comment, “Take your border wall and shove it up your ass,” from our lower Valley representative in June of 2016, comes to mind. Classy.

The mainstream media follow the same pattern and our local newspaper seems to have no problem finding anti-Trump material to print. If anything of a positive nature is printed regarding President Trump, there always seems to be a negative twist to it.

I feel we can rest assured after the Democratic primaries our representatives will fall in lockstep behind whichever socialist-leaning candidate is selected, and they will support whoever it is, no matter how radical their agenda is.

Listen to what these candidates are saying they want to do to the United States of America. They want control of just about every aspect of your life, including many of your freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution and Bill of Rights. It seems there is not much about the United States they like and they want to fundamentally change it.

The Democratic Party is in attack-and-destroy mode, as disgustingly demonstrated during the recent Maguire hearings as well as the earlier Kavanaugh hearings. Anything anti-Trump goes.

Of course, it and the mainstream media have been in the “impeach President Trump mode” ever since before he was even inaugurated. It’s sad but true.

Melvin L. Thompson


Local coverage spurs complaint

Wow! I opened up my website for my area local paper, The Monitor, on Sept. 27, expecting to see anything of the current national news on the front page headlines of our sitting president abusing the powers of the highest office of this nation. Instead, I see a former NFL Hall of Famer talking to UTRGV students, with at the left hand corner, Nancy Pelosi decrying impeachment. And on the 28th, high school students meeting on the football field under the headline, “Before the Battle,” with a piece on page A5 of Trump getting caught off guard.

Are you serious? Off guard? Are you all in the Twilight Zone somewhere? Here is a man who has been in office for almost three years and the only thing he’s done is cut taxes for the corporations and 1-percenters, and I know that those taxes lost are made up by the rest of the country.

But how does anyone think this kind of national breaking news belongs hidden and with as little publishing as possible?

People at The Monitor should stick their heads our the window and find out what’s really happening nationally: elected officials abusing the power of that office, an attorney general, White House lawyers, and the list goes on within the circle including the vice president, with more to come like the mob runs their enterprises and not just a Hall of Fame speaker or students on a field facing each other.

My point: Be fair with both sides, good, bad or ugly. Don’t print just one side of things and hide the other. Or are you like some onesided news national station, talking about Iran and the president’s trip to North Korea.

Do your job. Inform the people of the Valley or whoever reads your newspaper with the news that is important to them and not just a few.

Ricardo Mireles

Ramona, Calif.

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