Roma ISD PD arrests district employee for injury to child

ROMA – Roma ISD PD arrested a woman for injury to a child earlier this month.

Authorities arrested Elvia Saldivar on October 11, according to information released by the Starr County Sheriff’s Office. She was released the same day on a $1,500 surety bond as per Judge “Kiko” Perez.

Roma ISD confirmed Saldivar was an employee of the district and that the incident involved a student.

The district released a statement last week addressing the arrest.

“For reasons related to student and employee privacy, Roma ISD cannot comment on specific investigations related to employee discipline. However, Roma ISD takes student welfare and safety matters very seriously,” the statement said. “When there is a report of a circumstance that may affect the physical or emotional health of a student, Roma ISD will pursue a complete investigation and take appropriate action. Any behaviors that do not promote student safety and success will not be tolerated.”