LETTERS: Bad grade in schools

Bad grade in schools

Every coin has two sides, and as any child can explain to annoyed parents, a report card only tells part of the story of whether learning is taking place.

Should those who fund public K-12 education, feel good about the latest report cards? We can celebrate the wonderful job our teachers do, preparing those students who come to school ready for success. But not all is bright. Here are some data (admittedly dated) that reveal troubling statistics.

An organization called Higher Ed Outcomes studied what happens to the group of young people who enter the 8th grade. This is a critical distinction, because evidently, those who enter 9th grades tend to finish high school, but many are lost even before starting high school. Here are the facts.

*In 2005, 335,000 Texas students, and 27,000 in Region One schools, entered 8th grade.

*Only 74% and 78%( respectively) finished high school! This is an F!

*Only 50% ever took a college course.

*Only 22% graduated from college within six years (2016) of graduating high school.

Imagine looking for gainful employment if you are one of the 5,000plus Region One students without a high school diploma! Imagine your possibilities if you’re one of the 20,000 without a certificate or degree!

These troubling facts date back a few years. But the dismal stats on completion of a certificate program or college degree are only three years old.

Should we feel good about this report card?

Robert Ramirez

Early Spanish Reading


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