Agents seize over 400 pounds of marijuana after RGC pursuits

Border patrol agents recovered more than 400 pounds of marijuana after two seperate pursuits near Rio Grande City on Tuesday, according to a statement.

The morning of October 22, agents near Garceno observed a vehicle drive to the bank of the Rio Grande, where it was loaded with several bundles of narcotics. Agents quickly responded to the area and successfully deployed a controlled tire deflation device on the vehicle.

The driver of the vehicle changed direction toward the river, crashing into a ranch gate and absconding to Mexico.

Agents retrieved 380 pounds of marijuana in the vehicle, worth an estimated $304,232.

Later that evening, agents observed a small dirt bike traveling away from the river near Garciasville. The motorcyclist was observed to be holding a single suspicious bundle.

The biker headed for the border as agents responded, but failed to escape. The motorcyclist was apprehended and agents discovered an abandoned bundle of marijuana weighing about 57 pounds, worth an estimated $45,865 

Additionally, agents arrested two different pairs of juveniles accused of smuggling marijuana near Mission and Havana on Wednesday. Agents recovered a total of 241 pounds of marijuana in the two seizures, worth an estimated $193,600.