Sullivan City man charged with multiple counts of credit card abuse

McALLEN — A Sullivan City man was arrested here after allegedly making purchases using a credit card that did not belong to him, according to a police report.

The owner of a San Antonio-based company called R Install contacted the McAllen Police Department on Sept. 13 to report that someone was using a company gas card without permission, the report read.

The card in question had been used several times throughout the Rio Grande Valley between the months of July and August of this year.

The owner again contacted police on Oct. 1 and provided investigators with bank statements showing the unauthorized transactions made in July and August.

According to the report, the owner explained that each of his company’s vehicles has its own gas card that’s supposed to stay with the vehicle. The owner said that the gas card in question belonged to a 2007 Ford F-150 that “went out on commission” June 27 before returning to the facility in San Antonio.

The owner went on to explain to police that the gas card should’ve been left inside of the truck. When he became aware of the unauthorized purchases, he said that he was unable to locate the gas card.

The bank statement provided to police showed 22 unauthorized purchases. One of the charges on the card was for $21.16, made at a Stripes Convenience Store located at 1816 S. 10th St. in McAllen on July 17 at approximately 3:41 p.m.

Investigators made contact with a store manager of the 7-11 located at 1600 S. 23rd Street in McAllen on Oct. 8. The manager allowed police to view surveillance footage of several of the unauthorized purchases made at the location on Aug. 11 and Aug. 13.

Police observed a man driving a white Chevrolet pickup truck paying for gas for his truck as well as other customers. The transactions matched those of the bank statement provided by the owner of R Install.

An employee was R Install was able to identify the suspect in the surveillance footage as Andres Garza, a former employee with the company whose last known address is in Sullivan City. He had been hired through a temp agency, who still had Garza’s information.

According to the reports, police made contact with the temp agency on Oct. 9. An employee identified Garza and informed police that he was on assignment at a location in Pharr.

Police were able to locate Garza at the location in Pharr and brought him to the McAllen Police Department for questioning. According to the report, Garza admitted to taking the gas card without permission and using it to pay for his own gas as well as others.

Garza was charged with 22 counts of credit card abuse, with each count carrying a bond of $2,500.