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Don’t permit late abortions

The bedroom is where women should decide not to become pregnant, not on an operating room table. Granted, exceptions should be made for rapes, incest or jeopardy to the life of the mother or future medical health of the child.

Nevertheless, if you are declared dead when your heart stops than you should be declared alive when it starts. Abortion after 12 weeks gestation is taking a viable living human life and ending it.

Of course religion, faith or morals have no weight in the argument when it comes to abortion; instead let science be the judge. Once there are clear signs of life (laughing, hiccups, thumb sucking, etc.), abortion should be illegal and society should do all it can to protect the most meek, weak and helpless.

Abortion is murder after clear signs of life are present. Inconvenience, poor timing, financial status, having a supermodel figure, being dumped, starting a new job, etc., should not be a deciding factor to end one’s life, not your own or of another.

Yes, I know it’s the mothers body, but after 12 weeks gestation there is another body and life that must be defended, protected and should have the basic rights afforded equally to the rest of the world — human rights: the right to live.

Women shouldn’t need more than 12 weeks to decide on abortion. Come on — I’ve seen complete homes built in that time frame from foundation to move-in date.

Side note: When the Organization of Women Executives were collecting books for the Renaissance Neonatal Intensive care unit a few years ago, I was amazed when they let the women go inside and see these beautiful little 12-week-plus babies fighting for their lives and winning! The nurses and doctor are amazing people and every single thing is done with so much care and love, it moves you to understand that all life is worth fighting for.

I heard a neonatal intensive care unit nurse say that even though the babies were just weeks old, she would jump in front of a bus to save her tiny little patients. She wasn’t even wearing a red superhero cape!

Hortencia Camargo


Astonished over letter

I read the opinion piece titled “Democrats’ name calling” published Sept. 5 with no small measure of incredulity and sheer astonishment at an abject lack of facts and a total departure from reality.

To be sure, the Democrats are calling out the negativity, racism and chicanery that pervades the Trump administration. The author of the aforementioned opinion piece clearly has missed any news coverage of the atrocious acts the Trump administration has wrought on our country.

Yes, our economy is booming, but the author’s myopic view of what is attainable today is based on his own experience decades ago and it is no longer in any way relevant. For the first time in our country’s history, life expectancy is dropping, the middle class is shrinking, children are predicted to be worse off than their parents economically, and home ownership and a college education are becoming an unattainable dream for many.

The author’s bafflement at why the president is covered so poorly in the press has no further to look than the comments that come out of the president’s mouth daily: a whole race called criminals, immigrants called animals, and the bullying and name-calling on Twitter.

Rather than publish Republican talking points under the guise of a guest contributor, The Monitor should invest in guest contributors who put more into opinion pieces, namely, facts.

There is indeed one line from the opinion piece that is true: Americans have a choice in 2020, and it is the author’s hope, as it is mine, mine that we choose the positive. But that positive is not a president who bullies his perceived enemies on Twitter before and after speaking on 9/11 at Ground Zero and not a president who has so denigrated the office of the presidency.

Charles Folk

Baton Rouge, La.

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