McAllen man arrested in hit-and-run which left victim in critical condition

A McAllen man was arrested early Monday morning after allegedly fleeing the scene of a crash and denying his involvement by telling police he had been working as a mariachi.

According to the police report, officers responded to a hit and run at 2:06 a.m. in the vicinity of the 2800 block of North Second Street.

Upon arrival, the officers observed three individuals who had sustained numerous injuries. One of the individuals, who was trapped in the back seat of the vehicle, sustained the most severe injuries, including a broken neck, a broken face and bleeding in the brain.

The McAllen Fire Department was dispatched to free the man from the back seat before he was transported to Doctors Hospital at Renaissance in Edinburg.

One of the victims of the hit and run reported to police they had been traveling southbound on Second Street at a speed of 45 miles per hour when their vehicle was struck from the rear at a high rate of speed.

The suspect’s vehicle was found abandoned by another officer at La Vista Park, near the location of the crash.

A black Chevrolet Silverado, the vehicle in question was found with substantial damage to its front. A section of truck grill found at the scene of the wreck matched the year and model of the truck found at La Vista Park.

In the police report, the officer noted he found an 18-pack of beer in the back seat of the truck along with a few empty beer cans inside the vehicle.

Soon after, a vehicle arrived at the scene of the abandoned truck, and a man identified himself to the officer as the registered owner of the vehicle. He explained he had purchased the truck, but the truck was being used by a man identified as Juan Antonio Soledad-Sanchez.

He explained he had received a text message from Soledad-Sanchez’s wife, informing the owners he had been involved in a crash and abandoned the vehicle.

The owner of the truck agreed to show the police officers where Soledad-Sanchez lives. He led police to a home on North McColl Road. The police made contact with a woman who said her boyfriend “Juan” was inside the home.

Police reported meeting with Soledad-Sanchez and observing he had bloodshot eyes, was emitting the scent of alcohol and slurring his speech. Police also observed Soledad-Sanchez had an injury to his lower lip, which the suspect claimed to have acquired in a fight at work.

Soledad-Sanchez told police he had just arrived at his home after working as a mariachi, according to the report. When police asked where he had been working, Soledad-Sanchez did not give a specific location.

Soledad-Sanchez additionally stated he had received a ride from a friend when asked if he had driven to work.

When police asked for his friend’s information, however, Soledad-Sanchez told them he did not save his friend’s phone number.

The report further states officers noticed an injury to Soledad-Sanchez’s left ankle. Police asked him if he had received the injury in a crash, to which he initially denied. When pressed by police, Soledad-Sanchez told them that he did not want to lie and said he had been involved in the crash.

He confirmed he had indeed been driving a black truck when he crashed into a car, and told police he fled the scene because he had been drinking.

The report goes on to explain Soledad-Sanchez was placed under arrest and taken to the McAllen Police Department. He refused a breathalyzer, so police then conducted field sobriety tests and determined that Soledad-Sanchez was intoxicated.

Soledad-Sanchez was charged with three counts of an accident involving serious bodily injury and one count of intoxication assault with a vehicle.

At least one of the victims was in critical condition. The status of his condition is unknown at this time.

Attempts to reach the McAllen Police Department for comment were unsuccessful.