Man accused of killing girlfriend declared incompetent

Instead of going to trial, a 65-year-old man is heading to a state mental hospital because he is incompetent, court records indicate.

Angel Bolanos Vasquez was scheduled for a jury trial Monday.

He’s accused of stabbing his 55-year-old girlfriend of five months, Rita Velasquez, 14 times on Jan. 15, 2017, believing she was sleeping with another man inside the apartment they shared that night.

Authorities at the time of his arrest said they found no evidence that anyone else was in the residence that night.

Next April, the Hidalgo County District Attorney’s Office and Bolanos’ defense attorney, Carlos Garcia, will provide a status update to the judge hearing the case.

When Bolanos first appeared before Hidalgo County of the Peace Homer Jasso, he confessed.

“I had to kill her. I didn’t kill him because he ran off, otherwise I would have,” Bolanos told Jasso.

He claimed he was good to Velasquez.

“I loved her,” the man said. “(But) I woke up and the hate entered me, and I killed her. I had to make pieces of her, the miserable (expletive).”

Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office deputies arrested Bolanos, who immediately surrendered, at about 3:30 a.m. on Jan. 15, 2017, in the 3900 block of North Alamo Road at the La Mansion apartment complex in rural Edinburg.