Reacting to new waivers, Rep. Gonzalez says Trump obsessed with border wall

U.S. Rep. Vicente Gonzalez, D-McAllen, was again critical of the Trump administration in the congressman’s reaction to the news of new waivers for continued construction on the U.S.-Mexico border in the Rio Grande Valley.

In a news release, Gonzalez criticized President Trump for what he called an “obsession” with building a wall between the U.S. and Mexico.

On Monday, the Department of Homeland Security announced a set of new waivers for Cameron and Hidalgo counties that totaled 65 miles, according to the document.

Gonzalez made note that the President continues to push for the barrier with Mexico despite Trump’s current dilemma with regard to a recently initiated impeachment inquiry.

“…A wall is defeated with a simple ladder, and therefore you need personnel to make it effective. I am not for open borders, but when Congress authorizes thousands of Border Patrol agents, and the Administration cannot hire them, I lose confidence in their commitment to securing our borders and acting in the best interests of the American people,” Gonzalez said in the release.

The register filing made public today, asked for waivers to be initiated in order to expedite the aforementioned construction.

“…The Acting Secretary of Homeland Security has determined, pursuant to law, that it is necessary to waive certain laws, regulations, and other legal requirements in order to ensure the expeditious construction of barriers and roads in the vicinity of the international land border in Cameron County, Texas and Hidalgo County, Texas,” the filing read.

The construction, according to the filing, will be relegated to gates in Cameron and Hidalgo counties.

“As we see this vanity project continue to advance, it remains abundantly clear that the president prioritizes campaign promises over the needs of the American people,” Gonzalez said.

According to a news release from U.S. Customs and Border Protection, construction for these roughly 65 miles is expected to begin in early 2020.