Sentencing postponed so convict’s mother can write letter

EDINBURG — The remaining suspected in the botched La Plaza Mall robbery will have to wait two more weeks to learn his sentence.

Abner Zepeda Posos, 25, who is charged with five counts of aggravated robbery, was scheduled for sentencing Monday morning.

That, however, was postponed until Oct. 7 to give his mother time to write a letter on his behalf.

Posos is one of seven suspects accused of causing panic after a brazen robbery attempt in July 2018 of the Deutsch & Deutsch jewelry story.

The sounds of breaking glass were mistaken as gunfire and one of the suspects carried a BB gun, causing reports of armed gunmen at the mall.

So far, the six convicts sentenced in the case have ranged from nine to 25 years.

The stiffest sentence went to 25-year-old Brayan Oliver Melchor, who received a quarter-century in jail because he had participated in a nearly identical robbery in 2015 in California.

Posos was also convicted in that case.