Advice: Love is ageless

This week, my husband and I will be celebrating our 42nd wedding anniversary.

When we started dating, neither of us could imagine that three months later we would be getting married.

Life sometimes puts a person in your path, and you pass up on the relationship because you think you are too young and need to experience life before committing to someone.

For some this is the right choice, but sometimes you end up letting go of an amazing relationship only to realize years later that he or she was the one.

We were both smart enough to realize that even though we were young, what we had was special and rare.

I knew after our first date that he was the one. I felt it. Our relationship progressed quickly and from the beginning we were in sync.

Saying that we clicked is an understatement. We made each other happy; we understood each other and wanted the same things out of life.

We blinked and we had been married 10 years, blinked again and it was 20, and the years have continued to fly by.

When you take that leap of faith and you have someone next to you who is as committed to your marriage as you are, life’s struggles are easier to bare.

I read once that marriage doesn’t require hard work — it requires attention and intention.

In order to stay happily married, you have to bring happiness back into your life when difficult issues pull it away.

You have to appreciate your spouse, compromise and respect the changes that will occur within your marriage as you both work towards your goals and dreams.

With marriage comes deeper intimacy, friendship like no other, accomplishing goals and dreams together, sharing adventures, and the joy of raising children and having grandchildren.

When you first get married you think you are in love, but as the years go by that is when you realize the extent of that love and how profound and unique being loved in this way is.

Maria Luisa Salcines is a freelance writer, and certified parent coach with The International Network for Children and Families in Redirecting Children’s Behavior and Redirecting for a Cooperative Classroom. Follow her on Twitter @PowerOfFamily, Instagram mlsalcinespoweroffamily or contact her on her blog FamilyLife