Anybody expecting to spend time outside today should take caution. Whether working or playing, today’s high temperatures are a real cause for concern.

According to the National Weather Service, temperatures today will be from three to five degrees higher than average at this time of year.

In more specific numbers, McAllen has a potential high of 105, Rio Grande City could reach 108 and Zapata is looking at a possible 111. When factoring in the heat index, temperatures could feel like 113 and 112 in McAllen and Rio Grande City, respectively.

Brownsville may stay below 100, sitting at 99 degrees in the forecast, with the coastal areas at 87, according to NWS.

Looking ahead to the rest of the week, not much is going to change. Lows stick between 76 and 80 degrees across the board, and highs still well above 100 going into the weekend.